Changes #ThursdayThoughts

Hey, everyone. Hope your week has been going well. It’s Thursday, so time for more of my random thoughts.

I like to keep a count of the number of words I write every day. I have an Excel spreadsheet where I record my daily count. I have formulas set so that it gives me a month-to-date count and an annual total.

I also have a personal goal of writing a minimum of 500 words per day (except for Sundays). I don’t always make it but it’s encouraging to see how many words I can write.

With an increased blogging schedule as well as my commitment to Story Empire, I can ill-afford to neglect writing. Not only that, but I’m planning a new series of novels as well as a collection of short stories. However, the past few days this has been my word count:

Doesn’t look good, does it? But there is a reason.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know I like to change things up every once in a while. (Sherrey, are you reading this?)

For some time, I wanted to make my website look more professional. Last year, I decided to make the blog and website look virtually identical, so I settled on a free WordPress template for my blog and website. Unless you noticed URL, most probably wouldn’t realize I had two sites. A few days ago, thanks to Mae Clair, I found a template that I absolutely loved.

I’ve spent the last few days redesigning. The blog is the same except for a new header and some color changes. I’m pleased with the results. So without further ado, click here to see my website’s new look.

While your there, you can check out my book pages, sign up for my newsletter (which I’m going to revise in the near future), or learn thirteen random things about me.

And since it’s Thursday, I’ll share an “appropriate” video for your enjoyment.