Book Tours

Felony Fiction Book Fair

Hello Readers. Yes, I've been silent for a while (which seems to be my norm). Wish I could say it's because I've been doing tons of writing, but sadly thats not the case. However, I am happy to announce that my novel Unknown Reasons is part of Felony Fiction's May Book Fair along with six… Continue reading Felony Fiction Book Fair

Book Releases

Making the Rounds

Hello everyone! You probably know Unknown Reasons, the second book of my Driscoll Lake Series, released a few weeks ago. And this week, I'm making the rounds talking about the new book and writing in general. Today I have the pleasure of visiting with Michele Jones talking a bit about the book as well as… Continue reading Making the Rounds


Super Moons, Blue Moons, and Blood Moons

Last week, a rare event occurred. For the first time in one-hundred fifty years, a super moon (when the moon is closest to the earth), a blue moon (the second full moon in a month), and a blood moon (eclipse) occurred on the same night. Unfortunately, I was only able to see a partial eclipse… Continue reading Super Moons, Blue Moons, and Blood Moons


Meet the Character ~ Stephanie Harris

Unseen Motives is now in the hands of beta readers. Barring any major glitches, only a few weeks remain until the release date. Today I’m excited to introduce you to the protagonist, Stephanie Harris. She agreed to talk with me, but first I’ll tell you a bit about her background. Stephanie is in her mid-thirties,… Continue reading Meet the Character ~ Stephanie Harris