Labor Day

It’s the unofficial end of summer. Backyard cookouts, trips to the beach or lake, and even camping trips often cease after the holiday.

With fall around the corner, I start to think of bonfires, hayrides, falling leaves, and Halloween.

Today is the Labor Day Holiday in the United States, a day designated to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It’s the first Labor Day I haven’t been in the workforce since I was eighteen years old. Guess what? I’m still celebrating the day!

I’m closing comments today. Mystery Monday will return next week.

Labor Day

Hey, everyone. Today is Labor Day here in America, a holiday originally created to celebrate America’s workforce. In more recent years, it’s more of an “End of Summer” event.

Whether you’re enjoying a cookout with friends, spending time at the beach or poolside, camping with your family, or just relaxing, I hope you enjoy the day.

Mystery Monday will return next week with a post about (you guessed it) a notorious leader in America’s labor force.

I’ll return tomorrow with a Tuesday Book Review.

Suddenly it Was June

Hey everyone. Today’s post is short and sweet. I realized it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here.

How quickly time flies. One day it was early March. Spring was just around the corner, bringing longer days and the promise of warmer weather. Then COVID struck, and the world went crazy.

Taken during our 2016 vacation in Jefferson, Texas.

I fully intended to get back to a regular blogging schedule this month. But alas, June is over half over. So much for good intentions. I have several book reviews to post as well as a few ideas for Mystery Monday. Have I written them? No.

On the bright side, I’ve finally gotten back to my WIP. You know, the one I wrote 50K words on in November that I hoped to publish in the spring? Yeah, that one. Because it was such a mess, I’m having to go back and edit what I wrote before I move forward. I’m OCD that way.

I’m also pretty much on track with my reading challenge for this year. I recently received an Amazon gift card, and I purposed to spend it only on books. I have some new (to me) authors that I’m considering, so I look forward to that.

And next week, I’m on vacation staycation. We may take a day trip, but with so many things still being closed, we’re not even sure of that. As for me, I’m content to have time off to do some writing.

I promised this would be short and sweet. But I’ll leave you with a video. I’ve always liked Tom Petty’s music. If I decide to do playlists for my next series, this song is one I’m considering for Cold Dark Night.

Until next time!

Road Trips, Ghost Towns, and The Week in Review

Hey, y’all. Time for another weekly wrap up. If you read last week’s post, you know I took a mini-vacation. Last Friday, my husband and I hit the road for a day trip. Call us crazy, but we traveled three hours to a “Ghost Town” for the sole purpose of eating lunch. Okay, we also did some sightseeing along the way.

Thurber, Texas

Located seventy-five miles west of Fort Worth, Thurber was once a thriving place in the early 1900s. It was a “Company Town” owned by the Texas and Pacific Coal Company. Mining began there in 1886. By 1920, the town had almost 10,000 residents. By then most locomotives had converted to diesel, and the demand for coal decreased. T&P moved on to nearby Ranger and cashed in on the oil boom.

The Smokestack Restaurant

All that’s left of Thurber is an old smokestack, a recently restored church building, a museum, and a couple of restaurants. According to the 2010 census, the community of Thurber has a population of 48. However, the Smokestack Restaurant (where we went for lunch) states the population is five. Hence the reason for Thurber being a ghost town, not because there are any sinister spirits lurking about. (Although it’s possible!)

But enough about the history lesson and our trip. Let’s get on with the weekly writing links.

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