A Chance Encounter

Morning sunlight filtered through the tall pines and cast long shadows along the path. The air was cool and refreshing—perfect for a hike. After only three days of being away from his demanding job, David felt more relaxed than he had in a number of months. In fact, he found himself dreading the time when his two-week vacation would be over.

Newfound Friend

The plane was almost full when Rachel Wagner boarded and took her seat beside the aisle. She preferred to sit by the window, but after the airline canceled her earlier flight, was grateful to have a seat. It could be worse. At least I’m on the side of the plane with only two seats. I... Continue Reading →

On A Winter Day

Welcome to my first edition of First Friday Fiction! The first Friday of each month, I'll post a new short fictional piece. I hope you enjoy this month's story. Laura Randall awakened at the sound of sleet pelting the roof. Outside her bedroom window, the bare branches of a dogwood tree tapped against the windowpane... Continue Reading →

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