Best Laid Plans #ThursdayThoughts

Hey y’all. It's time for this week's Thursday Thoughts. Like many of today’s writers, I also hold a full-time job. I leave the house around 6:30 each weekday morning and get home around 4:30 unless I have errands to run. My husband works on Saturdays, and I try to use that day as my primary... Continue Reading →

Just Friends

This is the continuation of a short fiction series. To read the other parts, click on the links. Here The Passenger Can't Fight This Feeling Drawn “Why did you leave, Cassie?” His words echoed in my head. I left because of you. Because of her. There was nothing left for me there. Nothing but pain... Continue Reading →


I haven't done any short fiction lately but this is a continuation of a series of short pieces inspired by the WordPress daily prompts. The other intallments are: Here The Passenger Can't Fight This Feeling And now for today's story. Sure, my feelings for him were dormant. Were being the keyword. Now, as he came... Continue Reading →

Can’t Fight This Feeling

This is a continuation of some short fiction pieces. To read the first part click here. The second installment is available by clicking here. He was still asleep when I walked outside this morning. I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. Last night he said we needed to talk, but once we were inside... Continue Reading →


I haven't posted any short or flash fiction stories since I gave up First Friday Fiction over a year ago. However, a friend recently encouraged me to try the daily WordPress prompts. Not only does this post deviate from my usual genre of suspense, it's also written in first person rather than third person. I... Continue Reading →

The Encounter

Allison settled into her new life in Mill Creek in spite of some initial resistance from several of Doc Witherspoon’s older clients. He was the town’s only veterinarian for many years and some had a hard time accepting his retirement. She realized it was hard for some people to accept change.

The Arrival

Allison Schultz brushed a strand of light brown hair away from her forehead and sighed. When her friend Molly agreed to come for the long weekend to help her settle in her new home, she readily accepted. However, she didn't know Molly was going to use the time to point out all the reasons why... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Encounter

This is part five of David's story, a short fiction series I began in June. To read the other parts, visit my First Friday Fiction page and click on the links. “Okay, I’ve been here a week and you still haven’t told me your idea.” David and Sarah were in his red sports car, driving... Continue Reading →


When David arrived back at the office on Monday morning, the first thing he saw was an email from his boss that read, “See me first thing Monday.” Short and simple, but David knew the words held the key to his future with the company.

A Chance Encounter

Morning sunlight filtered through the tall pines and cast long shadows along the path. The air was cool and refreshing—perfect for a hike. After only three days of being away from his demanding job, David felt more relaxed than he had in a number of months. In fact, he found himself dreading the time when his two-week vacation would be over.

Newfound Friend

The plane was almost full when Rachel Wagner boarded and took her seat beside the aisle. She preferred to sit by the window, but after the airline canceled her earlier flight, was grateful to have a seat. It could be worse. At least I’m on the side of the plane with only two seats. I... Continue Reading →

On A Winter Day

Welcome to my first edition of First Friday Fiction! The first Friday of each month, I'll post a new short fictional piece. I hope you enjoy this month's story. Laura Randall awakened at the sound of sleet pelting the roof. Outside her bedroom window, the bare branches of a dogwood tree tapped against the windowpane... Continue Reading →

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