The Encounter

Allison settled into her new life in Mill Creek in spite of some initial resistance from several of Doc Witherspoon’s older clients. He was the town’s only veterinarian for many years and some had a hard time accepting his retirement.

She realized it was hard for some people to accept change.


When David arrived back at the office on Monday morning, the first thing he saw was an email from his boss that read, “See me first thing Monday.” Short and simple, but David knew the words held the key to his future with the company.

A Chance Encounter

Morning sunlight filtered through the tall pines and cast long shadows along the path. The air was cool and refreshing—perfect for a hike. After only three days of being away from his demanding job, David felt more relaxed than he had in a number of months. In fact, he found himself dreading the time when his two-week vacation would be over.