Totally Random #ThursdayThoughts

Some days, you need a challenge. Okay, maybe not the kind I had at work, but nonetheless, a challenge. After I spent almost the entire day troubleshooting a problem due to a software upgrade, I needed to prove I could learn something new. For months (maybe a year) I'd put off learning the new WordPress … Continue reading Totally Random #ThursdayThoughts

Week in Review

Hey, Everyone. Happy Friday the 13th! Thirteen is a number surrounded by superstition. While I come from a long line of superstitious people, I’m not one of them. I’ll purposely do things such as walk under a ladder, open an umbrella in the house, or cross a black cat’s path. I have a cousin who … Continue reading Week in Review

Back in the Groove and the Week in Review

Changes are inevitable. Some are expected, others are sudden. Just as we have four seasons, there are seasons in life. My husband works evening shift during the school year and that means I have to adjust to him not being here. Most of the time, I don't have a problem but this time I did. … Continue reading Back in the Groove and the Week in Review

Quiet Week, Cats, and The Week in Review

It's been a quiet week for the most part. The dust isn't as noticible, the triple digit temps have somewhat subsided, and I'm looking forward to a four-day weekend. It appears a third cat has found himself a home with us. I began seeing a black cat hanging around. Acted like he was at home. … Continue reading Quiet Week, Cats, and The Week in Review

Confessions of a Cat Lover

Hi, everyone. We've made to tax day here in the United States. Time for some to cry (those who have to pay) and time for some to rejoice (if they're getting a refund). It's also a time when tax accountants, such as my friend Dave, to take a much-needed break. Dave refers to himself as … Continue reading Confessions of a Cat Lover