Totally Random #ThursdayThoughts

Some days, you need a challenge. Okay, maybe not the kind I had at work, but nonetheless, a challenge. After I spent almost the entire day troubleshooting a problem due to a software upgrade, I needed to prove I could learn something new. For months (maybe a year) I'd put off learning the new WordPress... Continue Reading →

Week in Review

Hey, Everyone. Happy Friday the 13th! Thirteen is a number surrounded by superstition. While I come from a long line of superstitious people, I’m not one of them. I’ll purposely do things such as walk under a ladder, open an umbrella in the house, or cross a black cat’s path. I have a cousin who... Continue Reading →

The Week In Review

Hello, readers. It's Friday, and that means it's time for the weekly wrap up. I promised myself that I would show a new photo this week. But as it is I've only taken pictures of my cats.  Nothing wrong with showing cat pictures, but I can't show one cat without showing the other. This is... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Cat Lover

Hi, everyone. We've made to tax day here in the United States. Time for some to cry (those who have to pay) and time for some to rejoice (if they're getting a refund). It's also a time when tax accountants, such as my friend Dave, to take a much-needed break. Dave refers to himself as... Continue Reading →

The Loner

Allison's mouth fell open as she looked at the man who claimed to be Cooper’s owner. His intense stare made her skin tingle. She instinctively gripped the dog’s collar and thought of Maggie’s suggestion to carry a gun. Cooper remained calm and stayed at Allison’s side. He didn’t act as if he knew the man,... Continue Reading →

The Discovery

Early April brought the warmth of spring to Mill Creek. Snow remained in the higher elevations, but the valley had come alive with color from an abundance of wildflowers. Many said the warm temperatures this early in the season were unusual. Some blamed it on global warming, but the old timers scoffed at their concerns.... Continue Reading →

The Encounter

Allison settled into her new life in Mill Creek in spite of some initial resistance from several of Doc Witherspoon’s older clients. He was the town’s only veterinarian for many years and some had a hard time accepting his retirement.

She realized it was hard for some people to accept change.

500 Words & Two Cats

I hope you will forgive the sporadic posts this month—and another cat story. The 31-day writing challenge, as well as our cat saga, has taken quite a bit of my time this month. Next week, I plan to be back on more of a regular schedule—including the second of my First Friday Fiction posts. It’s... Continue Reading →

The Saga Of The Disappearing Cat

Jeff Goins My 500 Word writing challenge has given me the opportunity to write freely. Some things I may never use, but today, my  writing took a bit different direction. I hope you enjoy the story of my disappearing cat. A month ago, we owned a cat. One cat. He had lived in our home... Continue Reading →

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