Thursday Thoughts

Hey, y’all. Yes, I’ve gone from rarely blogging to a regular schedule. I had planned to leave Thursdays open, but yesterday an idea came to mind - Thursday Thoughts. I don’t know if I’ll write these each week, but I do plan to have a Thursday post at least a couple of times per month.... Continue Reading →


I haven't posted any short or flash fiction stories since I gave up First Friday Fiction over a year ago. However, a friend recently encouraged me to try the daily WordPress prompts. Not only does this post deviate from my usual genre of suspense, it's also written in first person rather than third person. I... Continue Reading →

Connected or Disconnected?

A few days ago, I was brainstorming a scene for my upcoming novel. It involved a character who disappeared after returning from a business trip. The character’s last known location was at a convenience store where he purchased gas for his car. That’s the last time anyone sees him. Okay, nothing unusual about this (except... Continue Reading →

Every Person Has A Story

Long before I became a writer, I was a people watcher. Crowded shopping malls, restaurants, and airports were among my favorite places to make observations. Now, as a writer, studying people has taken on a new meaning. I once wrote a short story after I witnessed a meeting between a young man and another couple... Continue Reading →

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