Book Review: A Long Way Home

I'm always curious about strange and unexplained events so when I came across a headline on the Internet that read "True Stories Stranger Than Fiction," I immediately clicked on the link. That's how I discovered the book, A Long Way Home. Blurb At only five years old, Saroo Brierley got lost on a train in … Continue reading Book Review: A Long Way Home

Book Review ~ Pretty Evil New England

Hey, everyone. Hope this first Tuesday in November finds you well. This week I'm reviewing Pretty Evil New England, a true crime story by author Sue Coletta. Blurb: For four centuries, New England has been a cradle of crime and murder—from the Salem witch trials to the modern-day mafia. Nineteenth century New England was the … Continue reading Book Review ~ Pretty Evil New England

Review: Ghosts of Gettysburg #TuesdayBookShare

While researching my post, Gettysburg Ghosts, I happened upon this book on Amazon. It’s an older publication. The print book was released in 1991, the Kindle version in 2012. However, the information contained is still relevant. Over the years, I’ve purchased several non-fiction books that I use for research. With most of them, I only … Continue reading Review: Ghosts of Gettysburg #TuesdayBookShare

Book Release: Creative Solutions by @HarmonyKent #TuesdayBookShare

Hey everyone! I'm delighted to welcome back friend and fellow author Harmony Kent. Her newest non-fiction book, Creative Solutions for the Modern Writer, releases tomorrow. From what I've seen, this book can benefit both new and seasoned writers. Harmony, take it away. Hello everyone. Harmony here. I’m excited to share my latest non-fiction book with … Continue reading Book Release: Creative Solutions by @HarmonyKent #TuesdayBookShare