New Normal #Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone. Sorry for going dark for a few days, but like many people in the USA and around the world, I’m adjusting to my “new normal.” When I say new normal, I want to be clear this is only temporary.

I’ve been working from home since last Wednesday. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, yet I’ve always had jobs that required me to go to an office each day. I work in healthcare but I’m not on the front line.

When the directive came for “non-essential” (those not in direct patient care) staff to stay home came, I had mixed emotions. It felt weird packing up my laptop and a few supplies. I wondered how I would handle the adjustment. Would I run out of things to do each day since a few of my duties require me to be on-site?

A week has passed and I’m busier than ever. I have a couple of new projects. I’ve spent a lot of time on web-ex conferences, Teams meetings, and calls. I’m able to communicate with co-workers via email, text, or secure messaging. The days pass quickly. But I do miss the one on one contact.

On the plus side, I save hour’s drive time each day. I’m saving money by not stopping at my favorite fast food restaurant for breakfast each morning. I don’t have to put on makeup or dress up. And I get this cute little fur baby coming into the room during the day to “check” on me. (For the record, my other fur baby, Little Bit, stays hidden during the day, but he comes out to cuddle in the evening.)


But still, there’s only such much one can take form sitting inside the house. It’s been a week since I’ve been anywhere. Some of the days were cold and rainy, but on Tuesday after I finished work, I was able to sit outside for a while. This was the scene from my front porch.

Pretty nice, huh?

I’ll be around sparingly for the next few days or weeks. But I’m confident we will get through this crisis and will go back to our regular normal.