Felony Fiction Book Fair

Hello Readers. Yes, I've been silent for a while (which seems to be my norm). Wish I could say it's because I've been doing tons of writing, but sadly thats not the case. However, I am happy to announce that my novel Unknown Reasons is part of Felony Fiction's May Book Fair along with six... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! The first Friday of each month, Story Empire offers a fiction prompt. Staci Troilo had this month's prompt and I decided to participate. My story is based on the word, telescope. To see the full prompt, click here. And now, here is my story: Erin Daniels watched the full moon rise over the... Continue Reading →

The Woman In Black

The citizens of Cade's Crossing didn't always refer to Ruth Hazelton as the woman in black. Nor did they think of her as a loner. At one time, she was one of the most hospitable residents of the town as well as a fashionable dresser. Although Ruth never had children of her own, there was... Continue Reading →

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