My Top Reads of 2021

Hey, everyone. With 2021 rapidly coming to a close, I wanted to take time to share my top reads for the year. I’ll preface this post by saying I’ve read many enjoyable books this past year, but there are a few that really stood out for me—ones I’ll remember in the days and months to … Continue reading My Top Reads of 2021

Book Review: We Live Next Door

Hey, Everyone. My reading time has decreased somewhat in the past few weeks as I'm trying to concentrate on writing. However, I recently purchased Laura Wolfe's latest release and couldn't wait to read it. Blurb You think you know the people next door… What if they know you better? I always dreamed of moving back … Continue reading Book Review: We Live Next Door

Book Review: She Lies Alone #PsychologicalFiction

Hey, everyone. As I said in an earlier book review, psychological fiction is fast becoming my favorite genre. I recently finished my third novel by author Laura Wolfe, and I can't wait for her next release. Blurb News spreads fast. Gossip spreads faster. Deadly secrets spread fastest of all.Jane Bryson obeys the rules. A … Continue reading Book Review: She Lies Alone #PsychologicalFiction

Book Review: Her Best Friend’s Lie

Hey, everyone. Despite being busy with my own writing, I've made a point to read more books this year. My latest review is the second book I've read by this author, and it was a page-turner. I should note the title of this book changed from The Lake House to Her Best Friend's Lie shortly … Continue reading Book Review: Her Best Friend’s Lie

Book Review ~ Two Widows

Hey, everyone. A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I met my 2020 Goodreads Challenge. I’ve upped my goal slightly this year and am happy to say I’m off to a good start. As an author, I realize how important book reviews are, and I’m sad to say I never got around to writing … Continue reading Book Review ~ Two Widows