Thank You, John Denver

Inspiration for my stories comes from many different places. Sometimes it’s an observation made in a crowded restaurant. It may be from a photo prompt or from a family story. Other times, ideas just pop in my head. But often, it’s songs from favorite groups or singers. John Denver’s music inspired some of my early … Continue reading Thank You, John Denver

Death of a Legend #ThursdayThoughts

I've written about Mary Higgins Clark before. I came across her first suspense novel, Where Are The Children in the late seventies and was hooked. In a recent post, I named some of my favorite novels written by her. So, I was saddened to learn the Queen of Suspense passed away on January 31 at … Continue reading Death of a Legend #ThursdayThoughts

Where’s My Writing Mojo? #MysteryMonday

Hey everyone. It's time for Mystery Monday. And you know what the mystery is? Yeah, my writing mojo is MIA. Okay, no excuses but I probably scared her away. As some of you know, I returned to work last week after being off with the flu. Getting back into the swing of things and catching … Continue reading Where’s My Writing Mojo? #MysteryMonday

Lyin’ Eyes

Sometimes the inspiration for stories come in the oddest ways. I often use real-life events in my books—either personal experiences or things I’ve read. I change the situation enough so as not to be recognizable. It’s been a long time in coming (much longer than I expected), but the first draft of Unclear Purposes, the … Continue reading Lyin’ Eyes

Planning to Fail or Failing To Plan?

In my last newsletter, I said I wouldn’t participate in NaNoWriMo because I needed to finish the novel I began in April. Yet I’ve wanted to take part in the event since I first learned of it several years ago. When several of my online writing friends talked about their participation, I felt the urge … Continue reading Planning to Fail or Failing To Plan?

Everyone Needs Encouragment

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, hence my absence from the blog last week. This 30-day event is much like November’s NaNoWriMo except writers can set their own word count rather than the usual 50K. I’ve been steadily working on a novel. Most days things have run smoothly. Yet some days, I’ve hit snags. … Continue reading Everyone Needs Encouragment