Visiting Teri Polen ~ Bad Moon Rising

Hey, everyone. It’s that time of year again. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, but it’s also time for Teri Polen’s annual event, Bad Moon Rising.

Teri works tirelessly each year to host and promote thirty-one authors – a post each day of the month. I’m delighted to take part in this event again, but first a little bit about Teri.

She is the author of several books. The Insurgent and Subject A-36 are in the YA/dystopian/sci-fi genre. The Gemini Connection is YA/sci-fi/thriller, and Sarah is YA/thriller/horror. She also has a time travel story included in the anthology Quantum Wanderlust.

I purchased a copy of Sarah a few months back but purposely waited until this time of year to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. Look for my review next week.

In the meantime, I’m off to Teri’s site. Hope to see you there!

2021 Wrap Up

I survived a week of Snowmaggedon…

Published two books…

Completed five years as a contributing author for Story Empire…

Read sixty-five books…

and published one hundred thirty-four blog posts.

November Beaver Moon

Connected with old friends and made new ones along the way.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year.

See you in 2022!

House of Sorrow: Last Stop with Marcia Meara

Hey, everyone. The House of Sorrow tour has one last stop. And what better way to finish than visiting Marcia Meara.

Marcia is the author of the popular Riverbend and Wake Robin Ridge Series. She’s also written a book of poetry and is a wonderful supporter of other authors

Hope to see you there! Just click this link to visit.

House of Sorrow: On The Road With D L Finn

Hey, everyone. The House of Sorrow tour continues. Today I’m visiting with D L Finn.

Denise writes fiction, poetry, and children’s stories, and encourages others to “embrace their inner child by reading a good book.” She recently joined Story Empire, and I can attest we’re so happy to have her.

Hope to see you there! Just click this link to visit.

House of Sorrow: On The Road Again With John Howell

Hey, everyone. I’m on the road again today talking about my latest release, House of Sorrow.

This time I’m visiting with author John Howell. John is a colleague at Story Empire and is an amazing supporter of other writers. You can find him every day on his blog, Fiction Favorites.

Hope you’ll visit me there. Just click this link.