Bad Moon Rising

Hey everyone. No Thursday Thoughts this week. Today, I'm at Teri Polin's blog for her month-long event, Bad Moon Rising. I talk about my last release, Unclear Purposes, and a few more things like old cemeteries, zombies, and such. I hope you'll visit me on Teri’s site. And while you're there check out the posts … Continue reading Bad Moon Rising

Lisa Burton Interviews Brian Nichols

Hi everyone! In my book, Unknown Reasons, there is an arsonist on the loose in Driscoll Lake.  Unfortunately, my MC Brian Nichols is the prime suspect.  But he is determined to prove his innocence. Today, Brian talks with Lisa Burton, the robot girl. If you're wondering about Lisa, she's the personal assistant to friend and … Continue reading Lisa Burton Interviews Brian Nichols

Spotify, Writing, and a New Release

Hi Everyone. You might wonder if Spotify, writing, and a new release have anything in common. I can assure you they do. (At least for me.) 🙂 Today, I'm thrilled to be a guest at Staci Trolio's site today talking about my newest novel, Unknown Reasons, the second book of my Driscoll Lake Series. So why not … Continue reading Spotify, Writing, and a New Release

Interviewing with Mae Clair

Okay, yes I've posted here two days in a row. Are you surprised? Shocked? (I would be.) Seriously, today author Mae Clair interviews me on her site where we talk about my novel, Unseen Motives. So hop on over and visit.  You might just learn something about me you don't know. And while you're there, … Continue reading Interviewing with Mae Clair

Taking a Detour ~ Interview With Staci Troilo

Hi, everyone. I'm guest posting today at friend and fellow author Staci Troilo's website. Staci interviews me about my new novel Unseen Motives. I tell the story behind the novel and a bit about my writing process as well as what I like to read. I hope you'll pop over to Staci's site. You can … Continue reading Taking a Detour ~ Interview With Staci Troilo