Planning to Fail or Failing To Plan?

In my last newsletter, I said I wouldn’t participate in NaNoWriMo because I needed to finish the novel I began in April. Yet I’ve wanted to take part in the event since I first learned of it several years ago. When several of my online writing friends talked about their participation, I felt the urge... Continue Reading →

Everyone Needs Encouragment

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, hence my absence from the blog last week. This 30-day event is much like November’s NaNoWriMo except writers can set their own word count rather than the usual 50K. I’ve been steadily working on a novel. Most days things have run smoothly. Yet some days, I’ve hit snags.... Continue Reading →

When I Was Seventeen

When I was seventeen, shortly before my eighteenth birthday, I wrote a novel. I had never taken a creative writing class. Nobody had ever explained plot, structure, and outlining to me. Yet, I had a dream of becoming a writer. Looking back now, my protagonist had some character traits that may have caused readers to... Continue Reading →


Toward the end of first grade, I learned my friend Debbie was moving away. I came home from school and cried. My mom explained that throughout life, people would come and go. Friends would move away, new ones would come. And she was right. Although I never saw Debbie again, I still have friends from... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Expect The Friendships

In October 2012, I signed up for an online writing course by Jeff Goins called Tribe Writers. I can’t remember how I heard about it, but the course sounded like what I needed to take my writing to the next level. I had taken writing courses before, several of them online, but this course was... Continue Reading →

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