Cover Reveal: House of Sorrow #legendsofmadeira

Hey, everyone! It's been a long time coming (a lot longer than I planned or anticipated) but it's time to reveal the cover for my upcoming release, House of Sorrow. This short-story is a prequel to the first novel in the Legends of Madeira series, Cold Dark Night. You'll hear more about it in the … Continue reading Cover Reveal: House of Sorrow #legendsofmadeira

Cover Reveal: Grinders by C. S. Boyack

Hey everyone! No mystery today, but I'm happy to welcome back a special guest. Friend and fellow author C. S. Boyack is back. He's planning to release a new book soon and today is the cover reveal! I'm impressed with this one and I'm sure you will be also. Welcome, Craig! I’m here to reveal … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Grinders by C. S. Boyack

Cover Reveal ~ Unclear Purposes

Two weeks ago, I wrote how a song inspired the opening scene of my upcoming release, Unclear Purposes, the third and final book of the Driscoll Lake Series. The expected release date is May 28 with AIW Press. Today, I’m excited to bring you the cover reveal. If you're familiar with the other books of … Continue reading Cover Reveal ~ Unclear Purposes

With a Little Help From My Friends

Okay, last week it was an Eagles' song. This week, I turn to the Beatles for the title inspiration. I promise I don't have a musical theme going here, but it seemed appropriate for what I'm about to ask. The first draft of Unclear Purposes is complete. I sent the final chapters to my critique … Continue reading With a Little Help From My Friends

New Pen Name and New Cover

Friend and fellow author Staci Troilo has a new book (and a new pen name) coming soon. Look for The Gate by D. L. Cross coming next month!

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! Life’s been busy, and it just got CRAZY. My publisher moved the release date of my new book from October to May 7. May 7! That’s less than a month away! I’ve got so much pre-release work to do. Starting with a cover release. So… ta-da!

It’s it stunning? I’m so excited about it.

Let me back up a step. First, you’ll notice it does NOT say “Staci Troilo” on the cover. We’ve talked about this before, here and there or in passing. I’m writing under a pen name (D. L. Cross) for this series. We can talk more about that later, though.

Second, you’ll note an alien ship on the cover. Aliens, as in sci-fi. It’s not a genre people associate with the name Staci Troilo, which is one of the reasons I’m writing under a pen name. If you’re interested in science fiction and aliens, this…

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Cover Reveal: Marcia Meara – The Emissary 2 To Love Somebody

Hello, Readers. It's my delight to welcome for the first time author Marcia Meara. She has a brand new book soon to be released. Today I'm joining her tour to reveal the cover of The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody. Please welcome Marcia Meara. COMING SOON! They're back! Jake and Dodger are at it again, … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Marcia Meara – The Emissary 2 To Love Somebody

Cover Reveal – End of Day by Mae Clair

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to have Mae Clair here today revealing the cover of her upcoming novel, End of Day. This the the second of her Hode's Hill Series and having been priviledged to read it in Beta form, I know you'll love it!  And now, here is End of Day: Release Date: January … Continue reading Cover Reveal – End of Day by Mae Clair

Cover Reveal – Cusp of Night by Mae Clair

Hello everyone! I'm excited to have friend and fellow author Mae Clair here today with the cover reveal for her upcoming release, Cusp of Night. This is the first book in her new Hodes Hill series. I, for one, can't wait to read the book! And now, without further ado,  Mae will tell you all … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Cusp of Night by Mae Clair