You know stuff, use it | Story Empire

One of the first things I learned as a writer is, "Write What You Know." Okay, I can see the importance of that when writing non-fiction. For instance, I once thought I would write a book based on my experience of being a cancer survivor's wife. I planned to write about our experiences throughout my... Continue Reading →

Behind The Story ~ Full Moons

On a September night—I believe it was the year 2000—I went outside to my deck. A full moon was already above the trees. I stood listening to the sound of insects, breathing the fresh night air, and looking up at the night skies. Autumn would arrive in a matter of days. Where had the summer... Continue Reading →

Behind The Story ~ Fathers

Many years have passed since I walked out the door that late March morning without saying good-bye. I wasn’t angry, just in a hurry. You were busy and I reasoned that we would talk that afternoon. How I wished I’d listened to that inner voice that told me to go back in the house. Or... Continue Reading →

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