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A Writing Lesson from C. S. Boyack

Hello Readers! It's my pleasure today to welcome back friend, fellow author, and Story Empire contributer, C. S. Boyack. He has a brand-new book titled The Yak Guy Project. And today he's going to give us a writing lesson. It's a pleasure to host you today, Craig! Thanks for inviting me over today. One of… Continue reading A Writing Lesson from C. S. Boyack

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Author Media Kit, Part 3—One Sheet and Biography | Story Empire

I've often said it's easier to write a 90,000-word novel than it is to write a bio or book blurb. And it's true.  Writing an author bio can be an excruciating task (at least for me). I've written at least a dozen, none of which I've been entirely satisfied with. Author Staci Troilo has the… Continue reading Author Media Kit, Part 3—One Sheet and Biography | Story Empire

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Digital Book Signing ~ Story Empire

Hi, everyone. The week is moving right along and I'm happy to say our weather has been much calmer than it was a few days ago. If you read my Monday post, you know that severe weather moved through our area on Saturday. After the National Weather Service completed their initial investigation, they confirmed a… Continue reading Digital Book Signing ~ Story Empire

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You know stuff, use it | Story Empire

One of the first things I learned as a writer is, "Write What You Know." Okay, I can see the importance of that when writing non-fiction. For instance, I once thought I would write a book based on my experience of being a cancer survivor's wife. I planned to write about our experiences throughout my… Continue reading You know stuff, use it | Story Empire


Author Media Kits ~ Story Empire

Hey, everyone! A couple of weeks ago, fellow author and Story Empire contributor wrote an article on something many author sites are missing. Before reading her post, I thought I had everything (well almost everything) an author website needed. Turns out I was wrong. I've never had a media kit. Confession: I thought media kits… Continue reading Author Media Kits ~ Story Empire

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Successful Book Signings ~ Story Empire

As a relatively new published author, I've not yet participated in a book signing. Most of my books being in digital form only but there are some readers who still prefer print copies. And some of those readers love to have autograph copies of their favorite authors' books. Author Mae Clair has some great tips… Continue reading Successful Book Signings ~ Story Empire

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What Your Author Website is Likely Missing | Story Empire

Authors have so much more to do these days than writing. Self-published authors must also know marketing, have a strong presence on social media, build up a mailing list, and so much more. Traditionally published authors have the benefit of having a publisher behind them. But even so, they still have to do part of… Continue reading What Your Author Website is Likely Missing | Story Empire