Book Release ~ Quantum Wanderlust

I've always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. I also love writing short stories and have had the privilege of participating in several anthologies. So, when AIW Press announced they were seeking stories for a Time Travel Anthology, I gladly hopped on board. My story, Gold Wings, is one of thirteen short pieces... Continue Reading →

Christmas, Cowboys, and John Denver

I’ve been a music lover for as long as I can remember. While I like complete silence during the writing process, music often motivates me to write. One singer who has inspired several of my stories is the late John Denver. In 1975, John did a Christmas special called A Rocky Mountain Christmas. He sang... Continue Reading →

When Things Go Bump in the Night

I’m fascinated with lighthouses. These towering structures stand upon rocky coasts, seashores, and remote islands. Once widely used, they marked treacherous shoals and reefs, dangerous coastlines, and guided ships to safe harbor entrances. Lighthouse keepers were diligent in their duties and often lived in an adjacent building known as a keeper’s house. These historical lighthouses... Continue Reading →

Not Your Granddaddy’s Western

At one time, westerns were one of the most popular types of programs on television. Before I was born, my brother was a big fan of The Lone Ranger. My mother wouldn’t miss an episode of The Virginian and my father liked the show Have Gun Will Travel. I grew up watching John Wayne and... Continue Reading →

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