Character-driven fiction. Small town settings.

What People Are Saying

Cold Dark Night

Cold Dark Night is an intriguing mystery that includes all the elements that make for a page-turning read—wonderful characters, a multi-layered plot, historical elements, and folklore.

Mae Clair, Author

House Of sorrow

Hall weaves so many historical events of significance into the story along with the narrative, which added a weight and a truth to the piece. The sixties were a fascinating time, and it was interesting to see these situations through the characters’ eyes.

Staci Troilo, Author

Unclear Purposes

The characters were all well-developed. The friction between Christine and her daughter was very realistic, and the misunderstandings Christine and Vince dealt with made sense to me. The mystery side of the book had me guessing until the end.

D L Finn, Author

Unknown Reasons

As usual, Joan Hall has the ability to fully represent the pros and cons, ups and downs, of growing up and living in a small town, where everyone seems to know everything about everyone, privacy is a luxury, and gossips never rest.

Irene, Goodreads Reviewer

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