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Hey, Readers! Today I welcome back a very special guest, John Howell. John is a friend and fellow contributor at Story Empire and he has a new release. The Last Drive is the sequel to his novel, Eternal Road The Final Stop. I looked forward to this book for a while. My review follows.

Welcome, John, and take it away!

I am so pleased to be with you today, Joan. Thank you for helping spread the word about The Last Drive. Each month on your blog you feature fascinating stories of the unsolved or unexplained. There are always well received by your readers and most of them can cause the hair on my neck to rise. This book is not that kind of horror story. Although when you have an antagonist who bills himself as the Prince of Darkness one could get that idea. The truth is Lucifer is a rather ordinary character until he decides to let out his menacing and crass side.

Here is the blurb and then we can get to a short excerpt from the book.


In the sequel to Eternal Road – The final stop, Sam and James are reunited to look for two souls, Ryan and Eddie. Ryan was killed in Afghanistan, trying to avoid a schoolyard with his crippled plane. Eddie Rickenbacker, Ryan’s hero, is to guide Ryan to his Eternal Home, and now both are missing.

The higher-ups believe that there has been some interference in Ryan and Eddie’s journey by Lucifer, so Sam and James have the task of finding Ryan and Eddie to get them back on the road despite the evil interference. Unfortunately, the machinations designed to prevent Ryan and Eddy from completing their journey takes the pair to horrifying testing grounds. The places visited represent the best work of the Devil. They are the trenches of World War I in France, gladiators at the Roman Coliseum, the sinking Titanic in 1912, Hiroshima 45 minutes before the bomb, and the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943.

This book is for you if you like plenty of action, strong characters, time travel, and a touch of spiritual and historical fiction. So, join Sam and James as they try to find the missing souls while staying one step ahead of the Prince of Darkness, who is determined to destroy all that is good.


The explanation seems to satisfy the sentry, and he calls to them, “Continue toward the trench.”

They stay low and, finally, reach the edge. The sentry guides them to a place to enter and touches his helmet. “Do you mind showing me your papers?”

Sam pokes James and takes the lead. “The krauts took everything we had.”

“You’re a woman.”

“Yes, a nurse.”

The sentry lowers his rifle. “I’m sorry. Of course, they would take your papers, and there are a lot of nurses on the front.” He looks at James. “Your patch tells me you’re part of the third Infantry Division.”

Janes snaps to attention. “Yes, we are.”

“I have an old friend in the third. Maybe you know him?”

James stands at ease. “Who?”

“Ralph Beeker.”

James rubs his chin. “Hmmm. I don’t believe I ever met him.”

“That’s too bad. He’s a hell of a guy. You two look as if you could use some breakfast.”

James smiles. “That would be swell.”

“Okay, then. Follow me.” The sentry leads Sam and James to a sandbagged dugout toward the rear of the trench. Sandbags make up the roof as well. The sentry says, “Duck your heads. The entrance is low.”

Once inside, the dim light makes looking around less than productive. “Your eyes will get used to the light in here. This is our mess hall. Just go up to that table on the side wall and help yourselves. I have to get back to my post. The name is Fredrich—not to be confused with those guys over there.” Fredrich snickers at his joke and walks away.

James wipes his face. “Let’s get some coffee. My nerves are about shot.”

Sam can’t help but laugh.

Buy Links

The Last Drive is available in paper and Kindle editions on Amazon. Here are the universal links. The Kindle edition is on sale for 99¢ through mid-February.



Author Bio

John is an award-winning author who after an extensive business career began writing full time in 2012. His specialty is thriller fiction novels, but John also writes poetry and short stories. He has written Six other books that are on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

John lives in Lakeway, Texas with his wife and their spoiled rescue pets.

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My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having read and enjoyed Eternal Road a couple of years ago, I looked forward to the sequel. And I liked The Last Drive even better than the first book.

James and Sam are back and this time they are assigned to guide Air Force Pilot Ryan Sanders to his eternal home. Ryan’s escort, and his idol, is none other than the legendary World War I pilot, Eddie Rickenbacker.

At first, James and Sam have trouble locating the pair. Their journey, yes in the 1956 Oldsmobile, takes them to the first Super Bowl, then into France during World War I. When they finally catch up with the pair, it’s a struggle against evil as Lucifer is determined to have Ryan’s soul.

The four characters travel through time—past, present, and future—and into places such as Gettysburg, aboard the Titanic, into Hiroshima, ancient Rome, the California Gold Rush, and Auschwitz.

Howell does his research. Not only did I enjoy the historic elements of the story, I learned a few things. The scenes aboard the Titanic were especially touching.

There are some disturbing scenes to read as Lucifer shows his true colors. But in the end, good triumphs over evil. The book is a mix of history, suspense, and paranormal, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys those genres.

60 thoughts on “Guest Author John Howell – The Last Drive

  1. Fab review, Joan.
    I’m looking forward to reading The Last Drive.
    I enjoyed “Eternal Road” a lot.
    You said you like “The Last Drive” better.
    I can hardly wait!

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  2. Congratulations to John on that awesome review! It’s great to see him here in the spotlight with The Last Drive. I throughly enjoyed this novel. The mesh of history, supernatural, and superb characters hits home runs all the way around. Highly recommend!

    Thanks for hosting today, Joan!

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  3. Another great post and review! I love how Lucifer can just seem like everyone else, until he isn’t.

    Thanks for hosting, Joan 🙂

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  4. I love how James and Sam can enjoy human things even in their ethereal bodies. I hope there is coffee in my Eternal Home. 🙂 Another great stop on the tour, John! Thanks for hosting, Joan.

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  5. Thank you so much for helping spread the word, Joan. I appreciate your help, and since you are launching your own book, your support is even more meaningful. Your review is so lovely and gave me a big smile. 😁 Thanks for taking the time to read The Last Drive and for letting folks know you liked the story.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wonderful spotlight on John and his new release, Joan. Thank you for sharing your review and offering glimpses into The Last Drive. Congratulations, John, on this latest achievement. 😊

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