Menagerie Blog Tour: Day Two With Staci Troilo

Hey, Readers. Welcome to the second day of the Menagerie blog tour. At each stop, I’ll feature a different story in the collection and tell what inspired the idea.

Today, I’m visiting with Staci Troilo. She and I go way back, and she’s been one of my biggest encouragers. Safe to say, I probably wouldn’t be publishing books if not for her.

Staci is also a contributor at Story Empire. She’s a multi-genre author and has written several books. Her most recent release was co-authored with Mae Clair, (link in yesterday’s post) but she also released The Keystone Couples trilogy in late 2021/early 2022. I enjoyed all the books of the series, but the third one, Between The Vines, was my favorite.

This is a list of the stops. Links will be updated as each post goes live. Comments are closed here, but I hope you join me today at Staci’s site.

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  • Day Nine – Beem Weeks
  • Day Ten – Stephen Geez
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