Book Review: Saddled Hearts

Hey, everyone. Jan Sikes is a friend and a fellow contributor at Story Empire. Like me, she lives in the Lone Star State, which is the setting of her White Rune series. I’ve enjoyed all three books, but in my opinion, she saved the best for last.

Jan will be a guest this Thursday, but I wanted to post my review seperately.

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Saddled Hearts is the third installment of the White Rune series, and hands-down it’s my favorite.

Colt Lane operates a sanctuary for horses on the Central Texas ranch he inherited from his grandfather. When a stranger named Jeremiah Tompkins shows up claiming he had won the ranch from Buck Lane years earlier in a card game, Colt believes something is amiss. He seeks advice from medium Sage Coventry.

Inexplicable things begin happening at the ranch including a pasture fire and contaminated hay. Believing Tompkins is responsible, Colt locates him where they have a public confrontation. Shortly afterward someone kills Tompkins, and Colt is arrested for his murder.

Sikes left plenty of red herrings to keep readers guessing at the killer’s identity while weaving in romance and family dynamics. Her descriptions of a Texas ranch were spot on. All these elements blended together for a page-turning read and a fantastic wrap up of the series.

Be sure to come back this Thursday to visit with Jan and learn more about Saddled Hearts.

41 thoughts on “Book Review: Saddled Hearts

    1. I am honored and thrilled with all the reviews, and it makes me proud that the readers are saying this is the best book in the series because I strive to make each book better than the last one. Thanks for leaving a comment, Teri!

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  1. Oh, thank you, Joan, for this wonderful review! I am deeply grateful that you took the time to read and review Saddled Hearts! I look forward to visiting on Thursday. Hugs!


  2. Looking forward to reading this somewhere down the road. I thought the first two in the series were great. This past month I actually read more books than I bought—that hasn’t happened in a while.

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    1. Now that’s an accomplishment! My TBR list continues to grow. I have been reading some from Kindle Unlimited, but I still can’t resist buying a good book.

      If you liked the first two books, I think you’d enjoy this one.

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