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Hey, Readers. Everyone knows how much I enjoy good music – especially classic rock. Today’s guest author, C. S. Boyack does as well. He’s no stranger to this site, having been a guest several times. It’s always a pleasure to host him. Craig is not only a friend but also a contributor at Story Empire.

He has a new release, another in the Lizzie and The Hat series. These books are always fun and highly entertaining, so if you haven’t already done so, you should pick up a copy of not only the latest release but all the books in the series.

And now, let’s welcome back Craig.

It means a lot to me, Joan, that you’d lend me your space today. This is one of my favorite things about the indie community, and I hope you’ll allow me to return the favor one day.

Seems like Joan always gets the musical post, but her love of music is why I earmarked this one for her.

The new book is called The Midnight Rambler, and it’s just in time for the Halloween season. Grab something pumpkin flavored, or a hot cider, then dig in for a fun afternoon. I’ll let the cover and blurb finish whetting your appetite for more.

Today, I want to talk about music. A big part of this series is the small cover band, Lizzie and the Pythons. They originated back in the first volume, creatively titled The Hat. I needed Lizzie and the hat to get out at night if they were going to amount to much as monster hunters. This kind of meant Lizzie was either a barfly or a performer in my mind, and here we are.

The band gets her out at night, and after her gig work, that’s when the fun begins. I try to pepper the stories with music of a certain style. The band has a bluesy feel that dives into rock, country, and a few eclectic styles as long as they fit the mold.

I also try to make the music fit the story being told. I had them play “Run Run Rudolph” at Christmas time. They played “Bad Things” when chasing vampires and “Clap for the Wolfman” when hunting a werewolf.

There really isn’t much that’s spot on for The Midnight Rambler, (Well, except for one song.) but the whole thing goes down during a major flood event. The Pythons finally get to play a much anticipated venue and their final set is all about floods. It’s amazing how many songs are about rain or floods, and I really enjoyed the research.

I include fun graphics in the stories as section breaks. Sean Harrington prepares these for me, along with that awesome cover and a few Lisa Burton promo posters for each publication. This time I even had Sean complete the lyrics in one of his graphics. Lizzie starts off singing, then the graphic pops up and concludes the lyric. I thought it was kind of fun.

Check out the book, and if you have to pause to update your playlist after reading some of the titles, I don’t mind. Fun is what we’re after here. I’ve added so many songs from this series to mine, that I had to make a special playlist for Lizzie and the Pythons.


Something evil is after the hat. The ageless enemies have battled many times, but this time Lizzie is wearing the hat. She’s also up against a ticking clock, in that if she can’t find the maker of her new friend’s medicine he will die.

The Rambler has kidnapped the only witch capable of making Ray’s medicine in an attempt to make the hat sloppy in his efforts. He’s also flooded the streets with deadly minions to impede any progress our heroes might make.

As if that weren’t enough, Lizzie is facing more of life’s struggles, both financially and mechanically. This all goes down in the middle of a huge flood event that she’s ill-equipped to handle.

Join Lizzie and the hat as they battle the elements, the paranormal, and a being of pure evil. Lizzie might be battling some personal demons along the way as she and Ray grow closer.

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70 thoughts on “Guest Author C. S. Boyack #New Release

  1. This was a wonderful look into Craig’s new book, Joan, thank you. I am a big fan of Lizzie and the Hat and really look forward to this new release. I bought it and am all queued up to read about the Midnight Rambler. And now I have the lyrics to the Rolling Stones song in my head. I liked reading here how Lizzie and the Hat came to be, and always enjoy the music elements and research that goes into it. Also love the graphics. Many thanks and best wishes to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s always fun to see which songs Lizzie and the Pythons perform in each of these novellas.

    I have to side with Judi about Ray. He’s such a great addition to your Hat universe, Craig. He tugged more than one of my heartstrings.

    The Midnight Rambler is a fun read. Wishing you all the best with it.

    Thanks for hosting Craig today, Joan!

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    1. Thanks for your recommendation, Mae. I’m toying with an idea that might allow Ray to return one day. Could add some interesting moments when he’s reunited with Lizzie. If that happens it will be years in the future.

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  3. I’m 80% through the book now, and it’s a fun read! Never thought I’d find a Frankenstein type hero romantic, but I’m hooked on Ray–all six parts of him:) I’m feeling pretty sorry for the Professor. Can’t be fun spending time with the Rambler. You’ve made one heck of a villain this time, Craig! Thanks for hosting him, Joan.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I love that music is a vital part of this series, Craig. And you cleverly choose the right music for each mood or theme. I hope you are having great success with the launch! Thank you, Joan, for hosting!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve done so much musical research for this series. I have songs I haven’t even used yet. I’ll have to give you a musical post for the next book. I think it does give them a nice soundtrack.


  5. Congratulations to Craig! Midnight Rambler looks like a fun read, and it’s perfect for the season. Thank you, Joan, for spotlighting Craig today. 🎃

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  6. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:

    I’m visiting with Joan Hall today and the topic is the music in Midnight Rambler. Joan is a long-time friend and one of my Story Empire partners. While you’re there please check out her site and stories. She has some cool unsolved mystery posts and writes a compelling mystery herself.

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