Book Reviews ~ Northwest Angle and Trickster’s Point

Happy last Tuesday of July! It’s been a busy reading month for me, so today I’m posting two reviews, both in the Cork O’Connor series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Review

Cork O’Connor wanted to bring his family together, so he decided to rent a houseboat in the Northwest Angle of Minnesota. Everyone is there—Jenny, Anne, Stephen—even Rose and Mal.

But their peaceful vacation isn’t to be. An intense storm, known as a derecho, bears down on the lake. Cork and Jenny, who were out in a small boat, are caught on a remote island. Jenny discovers the body of a young woman who had been murdered, leaving behind a young baby. Soon, Jenny and Cork, separated from the rest of the family, are in danger from the woman’s presumed killer.

In his usual fashion, Kruger weaves in elements of suspense and intrigue, leaving readers guessing the killer’s identity.

This book is a bit different from the others, as the author delves into a lot of family dynamics. While not my favorite of the series, it’s still an enjoyable read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Review

Cork O’Connor can’t seem to escape people around him dying. In the author’s own words, “Corcoran O’Connor attracted death the way dogs attracted fleas.”

Trickster’s Point begins with him sitting in the wilderness with an old high school friend who is dying from an arrow shot into his heart. Jubal Little was almost certain to become the first Native American governor of Minnesota.

This wasn’t a simple hunting accident. Given the fact that Cork waited three hours before calling for help while waiting for Jubal to die puts him on the list of suspects. Not only that, but the arrow that killed Jubal belonged to Cork. Who knew the two men would be hunting in that location? Who wants to frame Cork? When a second body is discovered nearby, dead from a gunshot wound, the tension builds

Interspersed in the book are Cork’s recollections of the past, something I enjoyed. The action is well-paced. There are several suspects, and I didn’t figure out the culprit until nearly the end.

And as always, Krueger gives us vivid descriptions of the Minnesota wilderness, traditions of the Ojibwe, and the dynamics of the O’Connor family.

It’s hard to pick a favorite in this series, but this one is near the top for me.

I’ve made good progress with this series, and I had hoped to finish the first eighteen books before Fox Creek is released next month. I’m not going to make that goal, but it’s okay. After August, I’ll have a lot more reading time, and I plan to savor the next seven books.

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    1. He does, Priscilla. One of the things I enjoy about these books. In the author’s notes for one of them, he states his desire for readers to fall in love with the Minnesota wilderness. His vivid descriptions certainly make me feel like I’m there.

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