Book Review ~ Trails of Deception

Rich Curtin is an author I discovered last year when I purchased a copy of his book, Coyote’s Regret. It stayed on my Kindle until earlier this year. I didn’t realize it was the eighth of a series, but it worked as a stand-alone novel. After reading the story, I enjoyed it enough to read the others. (Yes, it seems I’m into series fiction this year.)

While some reviewers of Trails of Deception felt as if the author was pushing his political views on them, I didn’t get that impression. (And believe me, I stay far away from anything with political overtones. It doesn’t matter which side someone is on.)


A ruthless pothunter in search of valuable artifacts ravages an ancient-Indian burial site in the beautiful LaSal Mountains of southeastern Utah. That same day, he’s found brutally murdered.

Deputy Sheriff Manny Rivera suspects the killing is related to recent demonstrations and acts of lawlessness fomented by the radicalized Heritage Protection Society, an organization dedicated to the protection of ancient-Indian burial sites. But a subsequent sequence of deadly crimes suggests a more sinister motive, one which also threatens the deputy’s life.

The story is set in the majestic red rock canyon country that surrounds Moab, Utah.

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Trails of Deception is the third book in the Manny Rivera series, and I found it equally enjoyable as the others.

A man is found murdered in the LaSal Mountains while searching for ancient Indian burial artifacts. At the same time, a group shows up in Moab protesting the desecration of graves. Manny is called to investigate, and it seems the two events are connected.

A series of other crimes has Manny looking for one of the protesters who made threats but has disappeared. But is the murder related to the protests? While searching for clues, Manny discovers something that leads him to believe he was looking in the wrong direction.

In each book, readers get to know a little more about Manny. Trails of Deception ends with a solution to the crime, but it also leaves off with a note about the possibilities of Manny’s future. I look forward to the next book of the series.

21 thoughts on “Book Review ~ Trails of Deception

  1. I love stories that include Native American history. The setting for this story is gorgeous. This sounds like a really good read! Thanks for sharing!


    1. One of the things I’m enjoying about the series is the author’s vivid descriptions. I feel like I’m getting to know the Moab area. I agree about Native American history and culture.


  2. Good review, Joan. I don’t like a heavy political (contemporary politics, I mean, history is okay) them running through books, either. But if a particular character has a political view, that doesn’t bother me AS much… it’s part of the character’s make up.

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