Pour it On #NewRelease by @StaciTroilo

Hey, everyone! I posted my January reviews yesterday, but this one deserves special recognition. Pour it On is Staci Troilo’s latest release – the second book of her Keystone Couples series.

Due to some other commitments, she’s not doing an official tour, so I wanted to help her out as much as I could.


Bold, complex, vibrant. The wine is, too.

Despite Romy Chandler hosting a romantic meet-and-greet at her restaurant, she’s all business. When her sommelier quits without any notice—to work for the competition, no less—she goes into mega-mogul-mode. The last thing on her mind is finding a man. She’s looking for someone who knows his way around a Bordeaux, not the boudoir.

Rick Santucci grew up in his family’s vineyard. After years of hard work, he’s turned his grandfather’s humble produce farm into a profitable winery. Once he gets their bottles into the right establishments, he’ll be able to acquire more land and move into the next phase of the company’s expansion. His mother thinks the next stage should be a wife and children, but his sights are set on different fertile grounds.

When Rick and Romy meet, they both forget all about their ambitions. The evening becomes less about revenue than romance, and they get distracted by the music and wine. She thinks he’s the man she needs, both in the restaurant and out. He finds her to be the perfect partner on the dance floor and believes she’ll be the perfect business partner, too. But a series of mix-ups could put an end to everything they’ve started—personally and professionally.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Case of Mistaken Identity…

After her sommelier quit without giving notice, Romy Chandler needs to find one immediately for a meet and wine tasting. She turns to her friend Jess who sets up three interviews on the spot, one of them named Rick.

Rick Santucci wants to expand the distribution of his family’s wines. He’d approached Nigel about setting up a meeting with Rosemary Chandler about the possibility of serving the wine in her restaurant.

When Rick arrives, he mistakes the organizer of the wine tasting as Rosemary. However, the “server” Romy catches his eye.

Romy believes Rick is the sommelier candidate. She’s impressed by his knowledge of wines.

But when she discovers Rick Santucci isn’t the interview Jess set up. Romy overreacts, and Rick leaves—both of them believing they’d blown any chance of a business relationship. Will they be able to work out their differences?

Pour it On is not only a quick and easy read but a delightful story as well. This is the second book of Staci Troilo’s Keystone Couples series and every bit as enjoyable as the first one. I eagerly await the third book of the trilogy.

40 thoughts on “Pour it On #NewRelease by @StaciTroilo

  1. Thanks, Joan, for another great review of Staci’s latest release. I’ve got to get to this one SOON! And Staci, congratulations on yet another wonderful review! So looking forward to this one. 😀 ❤

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  2. I really enjoyed Pour it On. Definitely one of my favorite works from Staci. It’s short and sweet, and left me with a huge warm fuzzy feeling at the end. She really has a knack for these types of tales!

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  3. Wonderful review, Joan. I finished the book yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the read. Staci has a lovely way or creating tension — and romance. 💗

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