The Dare #shortstory @vocal_creators

Hey, everyone. I learned about Vocal Media a few months ago from my friend Staci Troilo. If you aren’t familiar with the site, it’s a platform where writers can share stories, enter challenges, and earn money. I debated for a while before deciding to join, and I’ve just submitted my first story.

With Halloween almost upon us, it’s natural to think about ghosts and hauntings. The Dare is a short story in the ghost fiction genre.

If you like to read my story, click here. While this submission isn’t part of a challenge, I can earn money based on the number of reads. Also, if you like the story, I’d appreciate a (♡) and any shares on social media.

The Dare is based on a family story and the legend of La Llorona. I wrote about the legend in a Mystery Monday post a couple of years ago. If you’d like to read “the story behind the story”, click here.

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