October – The Hunter’s Moon

Hey, everyone. We’re entering the last quarter of 2021. This is the tenth in a series of posts about the names of full moons. If you missed the others in this series, you can click the following links.

A Hunter’s Moon sets in the western sky

In years when the Harvest Moon doesn’t fall in October (see September’s Harvest Moon post for an explanation), this month’s moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon. October is the time when the game is fattened up for winter. Native Americans hunted and stored provisions for the winter months during October, hence the name.

Interesting Facts

  • Other names for the October moon include Moon of Falling Leaves and the Migrating Moon.
  • The full moon is often associated with a higher occurrence of strange things, but this belief is probably a misconception. People have this feeling because they pay better attention to unusual things during the full moon. In fact, strange things happen during the rest of the month too, but people usually don’t tie them to celestial events.
  • Some wild animals behave differently during a full moon. For example, lions usually hunt at night, but after a full moon, they’re more likely to hunt during the day, likely to make up for the tough going on a moonlit night.
  • This year’s Hunter’s Moon is Wednesday, October 20.


Though nobody can be sure of when a baby will be born, some moon lore suggests that births are more likely to occur 7 days before through 7 days after a full moon. Some nurses and midwives claim the new moon is also an active time for births. According to folklore, babies born the day after the full moon enjoy success and endurance.

Were you born on a full moon? If you’re interested to know, click here to enter your date of birth. You can share in the comments. Despite my attraction to full moons, I was born during the last quarter (a waning moon) when it was in the constellation Sagittarius.

45 thoughts on “October – The Hunter’s Moon

  1. Looks like I was born under a waning gibbous in Aries. Years ago when I worked in HR at a large medical center, the OB floor was always busy during the time right before and after a full moon. Maybe there’s something to that folklore.

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    1. I’ve always heard that, Teri, so yes there could be something to the folklore. I have heard doctors and nurses who work in psychiatric units say there’s an increase in patient “disturbances” during a full moon.

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    1. I love to see the light of the moon, especially in the fall and winter months when it climbs higher in the sky. My cat is another matter. He often wants to make me up during a full moon!


      1. I’m in cancer which makes me super sensitive lol and very true a perfectionist according to my moon phase. My husband was born in Sagittarius but had an Aries moon.

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  2. This was such a fun post! Thanks. I was born under a waxing crescent in Leo. Is it the Chinese zodiac that follows moon signs rather than sun signs like the horoscopes I read? Interesting!

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    1. I don’t know much about the Chinese Zodiac, only that the signs are named for animals (horse, snake, dragon, etc.) whereas our horoscope signs are named for constellations. Thanks for stopping by, Judi.

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  3. I was wondering when we would see this post. I looked out my window last night and saw what looked close to a full moon. I wasn’t born on a full moon either, I was born on a Waxing Crescent in the constellation Libra.

    Can’t wait for the next in the series.

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    1. We’re just a couple of days away from the full moon. It has been beautiful the past few nights. It’s hard to believe there are only two more posts in this series. Thanks for the visit, Michele.

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  4. Great post, Joan, and thanks so much for including the links to your other posts in this series. I’ve missed several and want to check them all. Super info, as always, and I especially love the “Moon of Falling Leaves.” That’s a wonderful name for it, and has actually given me an idea for a story! (If you haven’t already beaten me to it. 😁 )

    Also, thanks for the birth date link. I checked it out and bookmarked it for future use. I was born during the last quarter moon in the constellation Sagittarius. Who knew? 😃💖

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    1. Not only are we both Pieces, but we were also both born during the last quarter and in the sign of Sagittarius. How cool is that?

      I love the name Moon of Falling Leaves. As I told Staci, when I was considering naming the Legends of Madeira series after the names of moons, that’s one name that stuck with me. I can totally see you writing a book with that title!

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      1. Pretty cool that we are both little fishies! 😄 And I’m glad you can see me writing a book with that title, but do me a favor. Could you FIRST see me finishing a book called Riverbend 4: A Need to Burn?? Because man, I’m moving slower than the proverbial snail’s pace on this one! Gleeep. Maybe you having a vision of me getting it done would help! 😂

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  5. Most interesting. I was born during the Waning Gibbous in Leo. I love all things moon related and this series has been fascinating! With clear skies this week, the moon will be gorgeous! I’m getting my stones out to charge!

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  6. I always enjoy your moon posts, Joan. I was born during a Waning Gibbous in Virgo.
    I did find it interesting to note what the paragraph related to personality type had to say. Not surprisingly, it’s a match for me.
    Great post!

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  7. This is fascinating!! I was born “on the a Waning Gibbous Moon Phase in the constellation Scorpio. This is the first phase after the Full Moon.” I never knew that! I did know that my daughter was born two weeks early on a full moon (in the constellation Sagittarius. During a Full Moon people claim to feel every heightened emotion from exhilaration to low energy. Being born on a Full Moon embeds some of these traits in a persons personality) and she fits the description perfectly. Thanks for this informative fabulous post. I LOVE the moon and always feel in sync with it.

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  8. I was “Waning Gibbous in the constellation Leo.” So, no success for me.

    I love the “Moon of Falling Leaves” term. That’s beautiful.

    Still loving this series. But you knew I would. Thanks, Joan.

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