Book Review: Small Bones

Hey, everyone. I joined Net Galley a few years ago, but until recently hadn’t taken advantage of requesting many books until now.


If you can’t trust your father and you can’t trust the police, who can you trust

Sue Hearn is planting a herb garden on the site of her grandfather’s old greenhouse. She’s spent the morning digging up all sorts of odds and ends already. But she doesn’t expect this grisly find.

A skull.

Could it be the remains of her mother, Monica, who went missing thirty years ago?

Sue’s father, in hospital with dementia, insinuates that a police officer was involved in her mother’s disappearance. But can he be trusted?

So now Detectives Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch might be looking for a bent copper.

As they dig deeper into the past, Sue and Asha find secrets so dangerous it will put all their lives in danger.

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I always enjoy a good “who done it” story. After a friend recommended Small Bones, it sounded like it would deliver.

And it did.

Set in Belfast, this is the second book of Kerry Buchanan’s Harvey & Birch Mysteries. While I haven’t read the first one, this could easily be a stand-alone novel.

When Sue Hearn discovers a skeleton at the site where her grandfather’s greenhouse once stood, she fears someone in her family might have been responsible. It also brings back painful memories of her own mother’s disappearance thirty years earlier.

Detectives Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch are sent to investigate, but someone on the police force doesn’t want them to learn the truth. Whoever it is will stop at nothing to silence them.

Buchanan threw in plenty of breadcrumbs to keep readers guessing, and although the culprit’s identities are soon made known, it’s unclear who Asha and Aaron can trust. What’s more, the author left us with a twist at the end, the answer I hope will be explored in future books. I also enjoyed the relationship between Asha and Aaron—they make a great team.

A special thanks to Joffe Books at Net Galley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

32 thoughts on “Book Review: Small Bones

    1. I’ve recently started “taking advantage” of free books. Previously, I’d only reviewed copies of Mae Clair’s Hodes Hill Series. I’m trying to do more reading this year, so I look for bargains and freebies. 🙂


  1. I enjoyed this story very much. I’d like to read the first one, too, and I’m very interested in seeing what happens in the third. I suspected that twist at the end. Didn’t want it to happen, but I had a feeling. Now I want to see how it all plays out.

    Great review.

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