Book Review: Dark Hollows

Hey, everyone. I’ve been working toward wheedling down my TBR list. Okay, so that’s laughable, but I’ve only purchased six books this month. (So far.) We won’t talk about my Net Galley list.

Anyhow, I’ve had Dark Hollows sitting on my Kindle for a year, so the time to read it was long overdue.


Jacob Reese enjoys the quiet life, running a coffee shop and renting out his cottage in The Hollows, Vermont.

But the calm is shattered when a woman who looks eerily similar to his ex-girlfriend Laura turns up to stay in the cottage, and leaves a mysterious note in the guest book.

Now Jacob’s seeing Laura everywhere—a glimpse of her face across the street, her music box left outside his house, a gift he gave her years before hanging from the trees.

Someone knows Jacob’s secret—what really happened the night Laura died—and they’re out for revenge…

But it can’t be Laura. Because Laura’s dead.

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dark Hollows is the first novel I’ve read by author Steve Frech. As with many books, the cover drew me in, and the story line sounded intriguing.

The setting of the book is charming—a quaint New England town. The lead character, Jacob Reese, owns a coffee shop and also has a cottage that he rents to visitors looking for a short getaway. When a woman rents the cottage for one night, his nightmare begins. Mysterious sightings of his ex-girlfriend, objects turn up that belonged to her, and it’s apparent someone is out to destroy his life.

I had mixed feelings about Jacob. His past life is less than upstanding, and he’s lived a life of lies. Maybe it’s his beloved dog Murphy that kept me rooting for him. After all, a dog lover can’t be all that bad, and everyone makes mistakes. The unknown villain is extremely unlikeable, which made me root for Jacob.

The book was easy to read. The ending is sudden, and leads one to question a few things, but overall it’s a satisfying story.

17 thoughts on “Book Review: Dark Hollows

    1. I think people (and characters) who love animals are basically good people. After all, animals can sense these things. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Jan.


  1. I read this one sometime ago and really enjoyed it. I agree with everything you said. I especially LOVED Murphy, and yes, the villain was totally despicable. It was the cover that attracted me to it initially as well.

    And congrats on only adding six to your TBR this month, LOL. Book buying is a disease, but a welcome one!

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    1. Yep, my list is always groaning. I’m trying to wheedle it down. Some books that I purchased years ago (yes years) I’ve decided I’ll never read. Maybe one day, I’ll go back and give them a try when I don’t have anything else to read. (Ha!)

      I did enjoy this book and wondered why I waited so long to read it. Thanks, Harmony.

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  2. That is a great cover, Joan. I don’t think I’ll ever make a dent in my TBR list, but I keep trying! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book 🙂

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