Playlist: Cold Dark Night #WIPWednesday

Hello, everyone! Before I continue, the release date of Cold Dark Night has been delayed a few days. I’ve had some unexpected personal things come up and need a few more days to prepare. Anyhow, instead of May 24, the new date is Tuesday, June 1.

Most of you who have followed my blog a while know at least a couple of things about me. (1) I’m fascinated by full moons, and (2) I love music. Enough to create playlists for most of my books.

This one is likely the most eclectic – a haunting ballad, a cheerful song from the movie Grease, selections from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and more.

Like my other playlists, the songs all fit a particular scene or capture a mood.

If you’d like to see the playlists for my other books, click here. In the meantime for your entertainment…


  1. One of the wonderful aspects of being an indie author is having flexibility, Joan. Life happens and often we have to push our goals out. I am excited about your new release and look forward to reading it. Great playlist! I love, love Levon Helm. He was such a unique performer. All of these songs spark memories!

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  2. A few extra days add to the suspense. I’m looking forward to Cold Dark Night. Congratulations, Joan, and thanks for sharing your playlist. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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