Playlist: Cold Dark Night #WIPWednesday

Hello, everyone! Before I continue, the release date of Cold Dark Night has been delayed a few days. I’ve had some unexpected personal things come up and need a few more days to prepare. Anyhow, instead of May 24, the new date is Tuesday, June 1.

Most of you who have followed my blog a while know at least a couple of things about me. (1) I’m fascinated by full moons, and (2) I love music. Enough to create playlists for most of my books.

This one is likely the most eclectic – a haunting ballad, a cheerful song from the movie Grease, selections from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and more.

Like my other playlists, the songs all fit a particular scene or capture a mood.

If you’d like to see the playlists for my other books, click here. In the meantime for your entertainment…

17 thoughts on “Playlist: Cold Dark Night #WIPWednesday

  1. One of the wonderful aspects of being an indie author is having flexibility, Joan. Life happens and often we have to push our goals out. I am excited about your new release and look forward to reading it. Great playlist! I love, love Levon Helm. He was such a unique performer. All of these songs spark memories!

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  2. A few extra days add to the suspense. I’m looking forward to Cold Dark Night. Congratulations, Joan, and thanks for sharing your playlist. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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