Book Review: She Lies Alone #PsychologicalFiction

Hey, everyone. As I said in an earlier book review, psychological fiction is fast becoming my favorite genre. I recently finished my third novel by author Laura Wolfe, and I can’t wait for her next release.


News spreads fast. Gossip spreads faster. Deadly secrets spread fastest of all.

Jane Bryson obeys the rules. A long-standing science teacher at Ravenswood High School, she lives a simple life with her husband Craig and Moose the black Labrador. When free-spirited new English teacher Elena Mayfield joins Ravenswood, Jane’s excited to have a friend who is ready to challenge authority, and Elena’s soon shaking things up.

When Elena starts a controversial club, Jane is ready to support her. When Elena begins an illicit romance with a colleague, Jane is there to help her shield her secret. When people begin asking questions about Elena, Jane backs her all the way.

But the morning after the annual fundraiser, Elena’s body is found crumpled on the soccer field.

It soon becomes clear that not everyone found Elena charming and funny. A thousand people were at the fundraiser: there’s a town full of suspects and a long list of motives. Who was angry with Elena? What had her curiosity and rule-breaking uncovered? Who wanted to shut her up?

Who has told lies they would kill to hide?

A totally gripping psychological suspense novel that you won’t be able to put down, She Lies Alone is a compelling thriller that will keep you turning the pages. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Ruth Ware and The Woman in the Window.

My Review

This may be my favorite Laura Wolfe novel yet…

I have only a handful of auto-buy authors and Laura Wolfe has just become one. After reading Her Best Friend’s Lie¸ I didn’t think this book would be any better.

It was.

Jane Bryson is a science teacher at Ravenswood High School. She plays by the rules (for the most part) and is surprised when the new English teacher, Elena Mayfield, decides to hold class outdoors. That’s not the least of Elena’s defiant acts.

Elena is a rule-breaker and a free spirit, but she and Jane quickly become good friends. But not everyone shares Jane’s opinion about her. When a jogger finds Elena’s body on the school’s soccer field after an annual fundraiser, the list of suspects includes students, a fellow teacher, and both her current and ex-boyfriend.

I usually figure out a killer’s identity long before the end of a novel, but not this time. While I suspected several people, Wolfe weaves enough tantalizing threads into the story to keep readers guessing.

If you like page-turning psychological fiction, you won’t want to miss this one.

21 thoughts on “Book Review: She Lies Alone #PsychologicalFiction

  1. This sounds really good. I liked Her Best Friend’s Lie so I’m going to have to add this to my TBR. Psychological suspense is my favorite genre. You just gave me another book to buy!

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  2. I had to add this and then immediately check out the author(I hadn’t heard of her) and now I’m screwed because.. so many of these look good!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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      1. There are so many authors now that have branched out into multiple genres, it can get pretty interesting.
        I’ll have to see what I can find, ‘Her Best Friend’s Lie’ sounds really good though! Thank you!

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