New Release: Lunar Boogie by C S Boyack

Hey, everyone. I’m happy to welcome back friend, fellow author, and Story Empire contributor C. S. Boyack to my blog. Craig has a brand-new release in his Lizzie and The Hat series. If you haven’t read any of those books, I highly recommend them. You all know my affection for full moons, so it goes without saying the title of this book intrigues me.

Let’s hear more about it from Craig.

Thanks for the invite, Joan. I’m out promoting my newest book, “Lunar Boogie.” This one is a paranormal adventure, and it’s the fourth book in an ongoing series. I worked to make sure people could read them out of order without feeling lost. If this is your jumping on point, I think you’ll fare just fine.

I’ll let the cover and blurb tell you about the story. I want to talk about my main characters. “The Hat Series” is an ongoing series. This means continued adventures using the same main characters. Let’s talk about them one at a time.

First we have the hat. He’s a creature from another dimension who was brought here by witchcraft. He’s permanently trapped in the shape of a hat but can change styles when need be. He has some supernatural powers, like the ability to transport someone to a lonely cabin in the woods. This becomes a refuge at times when the adventure isn’t going all that well.

The hat is also bound to a certain bloodline and serves that bloodline until it no longer exists. He can manipulate his host’s body to a degree, and that comes in handy. At some point in his history, he learned to play the upright bass to soothe his soul during all the rough times he’s been through.

You can see he has limitations without any limbs or fingers, and really needs his host in order to be functional.

A couple of things about him that are important. He spent the last twenty years in a box. He missed the entire electronic revolution and gets a bit lost with modern technology. He also has sensibilities that might relate better to an earlier era of humanity.

Combine the hat with Elizabeth St. Laurent, who goes by Lizzie. Lizzie is a twenty-something college dropout. She works hard at multiple jobs to make ends meet. Mornings might find her working at a diner, while the afternoons might have her pulling a shift for a landscaping company. She’s a California girl, and grew up with cell phones and the Internet. Her compass is a bit more understanding and liberal.

Lizzie has no supernatural skills and is as normal as anyone else.

Pair the hat and his ideals with the only woman he’s ever worked with, her differing thoughts about life, and it’s author gold. These are what I call buddy stories, and these two don’t always get along. There are a lot of opportunities for barbs and quips, and I try to bring those to the forefront.

The two came together over music. The hat needs her fingers to play the bass. It turns out she can sing. Once they found common ground, they formed a small cover band. It’s another job for Lizzie, but the band brings in most of her money.

The band also gets them out at nights when most of the monsters roam. Over the years, they’ve faced human kidnappers, two kinds of zombies, one devil affectionately known as Mustang Sally, and vampires. This time, the police are chasing a serial killer, but they’re wrong. Lizzie and the hat are trying to keep the cops alive while hunting what is actually a werewolf.

The werewolf poses a whole new set of problems for them, because it’s more like hunting an animal than a person. People might go to nightclubs, but wolves hang out in the dark corners of the city. Hunting him is a matter of getting him to hunt you, then hoping you’re fast enough on the trigger to even the odds. Those who’ve taken a chance on “The Hat Series” seem to be enjoying themselves. These are shorter reads that can be finished in a Saturday afternoon. They are intended to be dark humor, and I hope you get a laugh or two along the way. Come join the cool kids and check out “Lunar Boogie.”


Lizzie and the hat are back in action, only this time they’re up against the most tragic monster of all, a werewolf.

This adventure is more like hunting an animal, and the werewolf is unlikely to come to any of their musical performances. This puts Lizzie out in the dark corners and wooded areas of the city. It may be more beneficial to get the monster to hunt Lizzie than to stalk him on his own turf. All she has to do is be quicker on the trigger than the wolf is on his feet.

At the same time, the police think they’re after a serial killer. Lizzie tries to keep them alive while also keeping them out of her way. As the body count rises, so do the pressures. It doesn’t help that people are blaming Lizzie and the hat for the killings. This involves an urban myth about them that the locals call Hellpox.

Pull on your boogie shoes and join the hunt. Designed as an afternoon read, this one is tons of supernatural fun.

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46 thoughts on “New Release: Lunar Boogie by C S Boyack

  1. I didn’t find Lizzie or her hat until the last book with the vampires. Couldn’t resist a story about a vampire with an overbite:) I loved the humor, so this new one is already on my Kindle. Loved seeing Craig here, Joan!

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  2. How exciting to have another release in Lizzie and The Hat Series! I’ve read them all and highly recommend the series to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story! I look forward to reading this one and wish you huge success! Thank you for hosting, Joan!

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  3. I love this series! As an aside: This is not my preferred genre (I don’t read ANY fantasy, unless Boyack writes it), yet these books suck me right into the chaos and comedy. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. I adore The Hat and his quick wit. Highly recommend!

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  4. Great post, Craig. I really enjoyed the look at differing personalities of Lizzie and the Hat. I’ve already grabbed my copy of Lunar Boogie and look forward to the adventure!

    Wonderful to see Craig here today, Joan!

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