April – The Pink Moon

Hey, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed my monthly series about the full moons. So far, we’ve covered The Wolf Moon (January), The Snow Moon (February), and the Worm Moon (March). Now it’s time for the fourth moon in our calendar year.

The April full moon is often referred to as the Pink Moon. This came about because it’s the month that heralds the appearance of “Moss Pink” or wild phlox, one of the first spring wildflowers. It has nothing to do with the color of the celestial body.

April Pink Moon
The full Pink Moon peaks from behind the trees (near the center of the photo)

Other names include the Planters Moon and the Maple Sap Boiling Moon. This year’s Pink Moon is also known as a Supermoon.

Interesting Facts

  • A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is full and particularly close to Earth in its elliptical orbit. According to NASA, the Supermoon will be visible over the course of April 26 and April 27.
  • If April’s full moon falls before Easter, it’s also known as the Paschal Full Moon or the Egg Moon.
  • Pagans believe the most mystical time at Stonehenge is when the full moon wanes, leaving the earth to be reunited with her lover the sun at dawn.
  • This month’s full moon occurs on Monday, April 26. According to some, when the moon becomes full on this day of the week it’s considered lucky. (Maybe this will make up for last month’s “unlucky” full moon.)


One of the most common superstitions suggests that during the full moon more babies are born than on other nights. No scientific studies have proved that claim.

Do you know of any legends or superstitions about the full moons? Please share in the comments.

31 thoughts on “April – The Pink Moon

    1. We were discussing that at work last week. One of the nurses I work with has been in the behavioral health field for years. She said there is definitely a change in people around that time.

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  1. I love these moon posts! The first thing I thought of when I saw the words Pink Moon was “Love is in the air.” Often spring is associated with a new love, but your explanation about the pink phlox makes more sense. 🙂 I always use the energy from a full moon to charge my Crystals. And I love being outdoors when the moon is big and full. Thank you for sharing, Joan!

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  2. Another great “moon” post, Joan. I love learning the various names of the moons, and superstitions. I don’t know any about full moons off the top of my head but I love seeing a full moon in the sky. There’s magic in those moments!

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  3. It is interesting how the different names came about with the various full moons. No matter the name, I love to watch the full moon rise and show its beauty each time.
    As a retired nurse, there were more babies born, more attempted suicides, more patients needing attention, and so forth during each full moon.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  4. I don’t know about superstitions, but when I worked in Student Affairs in universities, the craziest nights were with full moons. All staff on board for this bright visitor! 🙂

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