Guest Author: Jan Sikes – Ghostly Interference

Hey, everyone! I’m super excited to welcome back friend and author Jan Sikes to my blog today. She has a brand new release, Ghostly Interference, and is here to talk about it. I already have this on my Kindle and look forward to some holiday reading.

Jan, take it away!

Hi, Joan. I am very grateful to you for opening up your blog site to me to help launch my new book!! I truly appreciate your generosity!


In Ghostly Interference, Jag Peters has the uncanny ability to see the ghost of Sam Jett. Of course, he does not know who or what he sees right away, and the whole idea of it freaks him out. He’s never known he had this kind of gift before. It becomes apparent that Sam is desperate to help his sister, Rena. In that desperation, he can materialize in full combat gear and make himself visible to Jag.

Let’s take a look.


Once outside, he glanced toward his car to see a soldier standing beside the passenger door in full desert camouflage uniform. So intent was his focus on the soldier that he didn’t see the car he stepped in front of.

A blast from the annoyed driver’s horn jolted him.

He jumped back to the curb and jerked his head in the direction of his car to find the soldier gone. Had he imagined him? He looked real enough.

He scanned the line of parked cars but could see no sign of the mysterious soldier.

Maybe he’d simply imagined it. After all, it had been a very strange day. He hurried to his car. The air inside was nothing short of frigid, and Jag’s breath fogged in front of him. How strange. It was a mild spring day.

Jag started the engine, and the temperature instantly returned to normal. Perhaps he was losing every strand of sanity he had left. He drove slowly through the parking lot, searching for the soldier. He only found people heading into the bar or leaving and none dressed in military clothing.

Once he exited onto the street, he crept along, watching for any sign of the disappearing soldier. It didn’t make any sense. First of all, why would a soldier be in full combat gear with a rifle slung across his back in the parking lot of an upscale bar in Cedar Springs, Texas? And secondly, where on earth did he disappear to so quickly?

After turning around for one more pass through the bar parking lot, he drove toward home, scratching his head. He didn’t doubt what he saw but couldn’t for the life of him figure out where the soldier had gone within seconds.

Maybe he was losing his mind.


What would you think if you had this experience? Would you be as freaked out as Jag?

I can honestly say that I’ve seen apparitions. But only one was in human form, not just a mist or orb. Several years back, when my husband was still alive, I awoke in the middle of the night to see a short man wearing a brown fedora hat standing in our bedroom, staring out the back window. My husband had been building a rock patio and had just completed it. The next morning, when I told him what I’d seen, he immediately said I described his grandfather, who had been dead for many years. It was as if Mr. Kirby was looking at Rick’s handiwork.

What about you? Have you had ghostly experiences?


Jag Peters has one goal in his quiet comfortable life—to keep his karma slate wiped clean. A near-miss crash with a candy apple red Harley threatens to upend his safe world. He tracks down the rider to apologize properly. Slipping into a seedy biker bar, he discovers the rider isn’t a “he”, it’s a “she”, a dark-haired beauty.

Rena Jett is a troubled soul, who lives in a rough world. She wants no part of Jag’s apology, but even while she pushes him away, she is attracted to him. When he claims to see a ghost—her brother—can she trust him? And could her brother’s final gift, a magical rune stone with the symbol for “happily ever after” have the power to heal her wounds and allow opposites to find common ground—perhaps even love?


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84 thoughts on “Guest Author: Jan Sikes – Ghostly Interference

  1. Thanks for hosting Jan today, Joan! Hi, Jan! I’ve seen and experienced apparitions for as long as I can remember. When my firstborn needed surgery in her eye at eight months old, I was in her hospital room when I looked up and saw two kindly looking gentlemen sitting in two seats by the window. I was between them and the only door. They smiled and I smiled back, oddly not at all suspicious of two strangers in my baby’s room. I looked at her, and when I looked up, they were gone. They had not walked past me and we were several stories up. The surgery was successful and because her condition was so rare, we were never charged a penny for any of it. I believe they were Angels.

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    1. What an amazing story, Patty. Yes, I believe they were Angels for sure! Thank you for sharing that experience. It lifted my heart. We are never alone! I’m happy you stopped by and left a comment!

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      1. I loved reading the wonderfully written Ghostly Interference ~ and also the above recounting of ghostly visitations. Both affirm that this, here and now, is not the be all and end all. Thank you Joan Hall and Jan Sikes for thisfbulous Bus Tour stopoff..

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  2. Another wonderful extract! Bravo, Jan! Our family has had the presence of a young man resplendent in a ruffled white shirt, knee-high boots, and riding breeches. We first became aware of ‘Edward’ when my daughter was around two years old. We’d often be awakened by her joyful laughter to find her standing in her cot, burbling away happily to something we could not see. Over the years as she was able to talk well enough to be understood, she described the boy. She noted that he spoke English but with a thick accent. He came to her regularly over the years. usually when she was experiencing sadness. She says he always managed to make her laugh. Her son,( my eight-year-old grandson) had never heard of Edward. But since he was around two or three he’s spoken of the boy in his room. Now eight years old my grandson says his friend dresses weird and talks funny. His friend makes him laugh. Our ghostly friend has always bought laughter along with him. I have Ghostly Interference coming up soon to add to the pleasure of my holiday reading. Thanks for hosting Jan today, Joan. ❤

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    1. What a wonderful story, Soooz. I would say that Edward is one of your family’s guides and sounds like he has quite a sense of humor. How awesome that your grandson has seen him too. There is definitely some connection. We often discount our children when they talk to and about imaginary friends, but we shouldn’t. We should encourage them as children are so much more open than adults. Great story! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by today! Hugs!

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  3. Like you, Jan, I’ve had a visitor in the middle of the night. It was a red headed cartoon character digging a hole. The next day we found out my husband’s good friend passed unexpectedly. Yes, he had red hair, not sure why he was a cartoon character though or digging. I’m loving your book and can’t wait to see what happens next xo
    Thanks for hosting Joan!

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    1. That is very strange, Denise. Maybe he had a hilarious sense of humor? But how awesome that he visited in whatever form he could. I’m thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the book! It is music to my ears!!

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  4. I loved hearing about your ghostly experience, Jan – so awesome! Mine is closer to Priscilla’s. One of our furry friends still visits us occasionally, but he passed away six years ago. We love it when he drops by.

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    1. Jan, it’s a pleasure to host you!

      To answer your question about ghosts, my mom and I saw our neighbor after he passed away. At the time, we hadn’t learned of his death but we saw him pet his dog before walking into his house.

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  5. Great to see Jan here today, Joan, and I’m really looking forward to reading this one soon! I’ve never seen anything ghostly in my life, though I’ve seen some pretty interesting (and sometimes a bit scary) critters here and there. But they all seemed to be flesh and blood and of this earthly plane. It’s not that I’m not willing. Might be pretty interesting to see a ghost. But so far, they haven’t visited me.

    Best of luck with this wonderful roll-out tour, Jan! You’re rockin’ it. Great post, you two. 🙂

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    1. Good morning, Marcia! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Interesting comment about the critters. It makes me wonder. 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for riding along on this tour!

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    1. Oh, I definitely think animals can come back to visit. Maybe he just wanted to make sure he approved of the new fur babies. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and commenting today, Craig! I appreciate your support!

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  6. This book just keeps getting better and better. I have not seen an apparition while awake, but I truly believe I was visited by my grandfather while I was sleeping. I had had difficulty getting pregnant. After a second try at artificial insemination, I was waiting for my appointment to check if it had worked when I dreamt of my grandfather gently handing me a baby boy. I found out I was pregnant, and it was later revealed that I was, indeed, pregnant with a baby boy. 🙂

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    1. What a beautiful story, Yvette! YES! Most definitely they can visit us from beyond the grave and what a powerful visit from your grandfather. Do you think you see a bit of him in your son? Just a curious question. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you are enjoying the excerpts and topics on this tour! Have a great day and see you at the Christmas party! 🙂

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  7. Nice excerpt, I was drawn in right away. To answer Jan’s question, not too long ago I saw our gray cat slink her way past the dog’s bed in the living room. He constantly ignores her, but she always tiptoes past him anyway, hugging the wall. The only thing is, she died last year!

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  8. Hi Joan, Hi Jan,
    Joan, I too look forward to the holiday season so that I can read many of the books that I’ve already purchased but haven’t had time to read. I also especially look forward to reading Jan’s new book, Ghostly Interference.

    Jan, yes I have had interferences. One that I treasure was when I was twelve and going on thirteen. My grandfather visited me because I had become very stubborn and he warned me in a loving way not to take that route. It is an experience that has stayed with me.
    Wishing both of you ladies a Merry Christmas.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

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    1. What a profound experience from beyond the grave. I would say that your grandfather is one of your guides and watches over you. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story today! I love it!! See you later at the Christmas party!

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  9. Congratulations, Jan! I love your tour and look forward to reading Ghostly Interference. A big Thank You to Joan for beautifully showcasing Jan today. 💗

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