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Hey, everyone. Here we are on the last day of June. The year is half gone, and I can’t say I’m sorry. Like many people, I’m ready to put 2020 to rest.

I was on vacation last week, or rather “staycation.” We didn’t even do a day trip, but I enjoyed relaxing at home. It’s MUCH different than working from home. In nine days, I got out of the house a grand total of three times.

Summer in Texas means the crape myrtles are in bloom.

Anyhow, I’m happy to report that I’m making progress with Cold Dark Night, the first book of my Legends of Madeira series. Now that I’ve started writing again, my creative juices are flowing. I even brainstormed lead character names, occupations, and the legend/folklore for books two, three, and four.

I started recording my daily word count again. Doubt I’ll meet or exceed last year’s total, but that’s okay. I’m writing and that’s what’s important.

Along that line, I’ve given thought to blogging. I need to get back to a regular schedule. My plan is to blog two or three times a week. The content is likely to change for the foreseeable future. While I enjoy Mystery Mondays, the research for them is time-consuming, so for the time being I won’t be writing any of those posts.

I want to publish Cold Dark Night this year as well as a short story prequel titled Woman in Black. To accomplish that, I must devote most of my time to writing and editing them.

As far as blogging, I plan to split time between Tuesday Book Shares, WIP Wednesday, and Thursday Thoughts. And as always, I welcome guest posts from fellow authors. If you have a recent release or special promo, click on the “Let’s Connect” link and use the contact form.

Until next time!

28 thoughts on “Blogging and Writing

  1. Joan, a lovely visit this morning and learning what you’re doing. I’ve not been very consistent on my blog lately but not due to writing a book. I took a fall a few weeks back and it’s kept me in a depressed state of mind every since. Not what I expected or wanted after my surgery and recovery. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next and keeping up with you any way I can!

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  2. I did manage to finish NANO last year, and have a great start to my current WIP. I need to get back at it. I have slacked a lot in the past few months. An occasional blog post and a recipe or two. I can’t wait to read your WIP.

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  3. Just like musicians need to play their music, we have the same deep need to write and we aren’t complete when we don’t. Blogging is time-consuming and the only thing I’ve managed to stay consistent with is #TarotTuesdays. The rest is hit and miss and I’m okay with that. I’d love to offer up a guest post for a Tuesday Book share with my two new short stories. Just let me know! Thank you! And keep on writing!!

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    1. That’s so true, Jan. I “have” to write. Even when I’m not writing, I think about it.

      I would love to have you as a guest. I’m at the day job now but I’ll contact you this evening.

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    1. I’d like to do one a month. Once I’m through with the first draft of the novel, I’ll get back into a weekly schedule.

      Thanks for the good wishes and hope your week is good as well.

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  4. Although I agree about wanting this year gone, it would be a shame not to have done something creative, if only to thumb our noses at one of the worst times in our lives!
    You are setting a wonderful example to the rest of us, Joan…

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    1. Thanks, Jaye. I’m determined to get something published this year (much later than I’d originally planned). And I’m equally determined not to write a book set in 2020.

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  5. Glad to hear you had a nice vacation. It is nice to relax:) Its great the creative juices are flowing for you! Yay. I agree this year can’t be over fast enough.

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