Suddenly it Was June

Hey everyone. Today’s post is short and sweet. I realized it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here.

How quickly time flies. One day it was early March. Spring was just around the corner, bringing longer days and the promise of warmer weather. Then COVID struck, and the world went crazy.

Taken during our 2016 vacation in Jefferson, Texas.

I fully intended to get back to a regular blogging schedule this month. But alas, June is over half over. So much for good intentions. I have several book reviews to post as well as a few ideas for Mystery Monday. Have I written them? No.

On the bright side, I’ve finally gotten back to my WIP. You know, the one I wrote 50K words on in November that I hoped to publish in the spring? Yeah, that one. Because it was such a mess, I’m having to go back and edit what I wrote before I move forward. I’m OCD that way.

I’m also pretty much on track with my reading challenge for this year. I recently received an Amazon gift card, and I purposed to spend it only on books. I have some new (to me) authors that I’m considering, so I look forward to that.

And next week, I’m on vacation staycation. We may take a day trip, but with so many things still being closed, we’re not even sure of that. As for me, I’m content to have time off to do some writing.

I promised this would be short and sweet. But I’ll leave you with a video. I’ve always liked Tom Petty’s music. If I decide to do playlists for my next series, this song is one I’m considering for Cold Dark Night.

Until next time!

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  1. It’s really nice to see a post from you, Joan. I am not sure exactly where in the USA you live. I know that the infection rate is increasing in Texas and California. I hope you manage to get your day out. I have only been to the physiotherapist and doctor in the last three months. My week physio appointment is my day out [smile].

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    1. Robbie, I am in Texas and we are seeing an increase in the number of cases. Some of that is attributable to increased testing, but others aren’t being careful as the state reopens.

      If nothing else, we’ll take a picnic lunch to the local nature preserve and enjoy some time outdoors. Take care of yourself!

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  2. Where has June gone to? I had such plans, then I thought I wasn’t going to get a class in the fall, so I filled away what I was going to work on this summer toward that, and today PTL, I got word I WILL have a class, so I’ll dig everything out again and take that mini-course on teaching on line, just in case. Everything is so up in the air! The only thing we can be certain about is the uncertainty of it all…phooey!
    Can you give us a hint about your work in progress? Hopefully, you won’t have to go back to square one!

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    1. This year has been crazy, hasn’t it?

      I won’t have to go back to square one on the WIP, just lots of editing! The story is mystery/suspense but will involve legends and folklore. I plan to post a few updates and snippets in the near future.

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  3. Thank you, Joan. You’ve captured the time warp I’ve experienced these last several months. With my four adult children in the NYC area, it’s been hard to focus on anything other than life challenges. Tom Petty says it beautifully, doesn’t he? “…feeling a whole lot better when you’re gone…” ♥

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    1. Gwen, I can’t imagine what it’s been like for you having children in that area. I am not going to look on this year fondly, as I’m sure many people won’t.

      I do enjoy Tom Petty’s music. Sad he’s no longer with us.

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    1. Music inspires me to write – some songs even inspire chapters or novels. I know what you mean about the loading time. I just created playlists on my web site with the song titles. Maybe you do do a page? Especially with the Lizzie and The Hat stories.

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  4. I had several things I was going to comment on as I was reading, Joan, but then I got to Tom Petty, and everything else went right out of my mind. Sorry. He always had that effect on me, and I MISS him! (A Florida boy, born right “up the road a piece” from where I live now.) Sorry to be so easily distracted, but … Tom Petty! 😀 😀 😀

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  5. I feel the same it was March then now summer overnight. We enjoyed our vacation with local visits last week itvenderd up being relaxing. Great Tom Petty song to share. Have a wonderful vacation.

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  6. Glad you’re back to your WIP. I always edit as I go. I’ve found I take more time and do more when I only have small chunks to look at instead of the work as a whole–which intimidates me. And I get more ideas when I go through it a second time.

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  7. I’m having a hard time getting back into the routine of a regular blogging schedule too, Joan. And like you, I’m returning to my WIP as well. I’m excited to know Cold Dark Night is calling to you again. And, erm, um, Jason 😉

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  8. Time is flying, for sure, Joan. It’s funny that you’d use the word Staycation following the quarantine. 🙂 Good look with your WIP and your reading! I love the Tom Petty song!

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    1. We may make a day trip. For me staying at home is an escape from COVID since my day job is in a hospital. I’m just happy to have some time off.


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