Totally Random #ThursdayThoughts

Some days, you need a challenge. Okay, maybe not the kind I had at work, but nonetheless, a challenge.

After I spent almost the entire day troubleshooting a problem due to a software upgrade, I needed to prove I could learn something new.

For months (maybe a year) I’d put off learning the new WordPress editor. I tried it on a new page for my website and ended up more than frustrated. I installed a plugin that allowed me to use the classic editor and told myself I’d learn Gutenberg when I had time.

Time? What is that? Are there ever enough hours in a day? So days turned into weeks, then weeks into months. You get the idea.

But today when my friend Staci said she’d been using Gutenberg for a while and actually preferred it, I decided what the heck. I was going to make time.

A random photo I took a few months ago.

And I did. It took me less than ten minutes to write a random blog post, select the featured image, insert a photo with captioning, add the category and tags.

And guess what? I’ve decided the new editor is easier!

I still have some things to learn and I won’t say that in a rush, I might use the classic editor. But overall, mission accomplished. I learned something new.

Made me feel pretty good about myself after failing to resolve the data issues I had at work. Speaking of which, a quick note to the software company yielded a phone call within an hour. The support person said the problem I had was not uncommon after an upgrade and that he would work to resolve the issue right away.

Could have saved myself a lot of time if I’d contacted them sooner, but as I said, I like a challenge now and then.

On the writing front, I’m finally getting back to my WIP. I had high hopes of publishing Cold Dark Night this month, but that’s not going to happen. I’m shooting for fall.

Little Bit (on the left) and Tucker

This weekend is a three-day holiday in the USA. I’m looking forward to it. Not sure what we’ll do, except take Little Bit for his annual vaccinations. Maybe I’ll accomplish something on my WIP

And now you have my totally random post, written using the new editor.

30 thoughts on “Totally Random #ThursdayThoughts

  1. Remember when we all had to switch to Windows 10? I thought I’d never learn it. Now, I can’t even remember what Windows 8 was like. 🙂 I’ve been using the new Gutenberg editor for a while and have had no issues once I learned a few basics.

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    1. I resisted switching from windows 7 to windows 8. In fact, I skipped right on through to 10. I love Windows 10 and would hate to go backward. I’m one to resist change – why I don’t know because change is inevitable.

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  2. Very cool. I’ve been using an app version of it, but it’s probably quite different. I do my posts there, but it they need a little something, I use the classic editor. I’ve been doing them like that for Story Empire, too.

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  3. And it looks VERY good, too, Joan! Nicely done. Me, I’m fine with the Classic editor. It does just what I want it to do, so I’m sticking with it for now. But it’s good to know that should I decide to try the new one, or they lied about Classic being an option after June 1, I’ll be able to adapt fairly quickly. (I’ll just tell myself, Joan learned it in ten minutes, and I can, too. 😀 😀 :D) Seriously, if I ever decide I want to change, I’m happy to know it isn’t hard. But I already have too much on my plate right now. It’ll have to wait for another time.

    Your tuxedo cat, Tucker, looks very much like my boy, Harry. Both are very handsome, but I have a fondness for black cats with a white bib, and even more so if they happen to have pink noses, too. 😀

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    1. Thanks, Marcia. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I know you can do it if and when the time comes.

      We do love our kitties. We raised Tucker from a 14-week-old kitten. Little Bit “found” us when he was 3-4 months old. They are great company.

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  4. Woohoo! Good for you, Joan. I’ve been using Gutenberg on various websites for my day job since it was released. There are still some things I liked better in the Classic Editor, but overall I think it’s pretty easy to work with.

    Love both of those photos, especially the one of Little Bit and Tucker. They’re so cute!

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    1. There are still some things I need to try but I didn’t have problems like I thought I would. And some features I like better worn Gutenberg.

      On behalf of the cats, thank you. Can you tell they’re spoiled?

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      1. I’m still avoiding the new editior until I’m forced to change. I know I will adapt but I can go in to what I’m used to without any extra thought right now:) Cute kitty pic. They look very comfortable. Have a great three day weeekend, Joan!

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  5. Sorry about the software, but maybe they’ll have it fixed for you soon.

    I’d never tell someone which app or platform or method was best or what they “should” use, but I did grow to prefer the new WP editor, and I’m glad you gave it a try. More importantly, happy you ended the day on a high note.

    And thanks for the shout-out. 🤗

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    1. I’m working around the software problem so all is well.

      I know you’d never insist on some using a certain program but I figured I needed to learn it sooner or later.

      I’m going to play around with it a little more, especially for pages on my website.

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  6. I still haven’t tried Gutenberg, and I just know one day I’ll try to do a post and the old editor will be gone. I need to set aside some time, suck it up, and get started. You’ve inspired me, Joan.

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    1. I haven’t tried an image hyperlink yet, but I was able to add a text hyperlink without difficulty. I’m still uncertain why they changed but people always seem to think new ways are better. As far as pages on my website, I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe when I add one for the new book. 😉

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    1. I hear you, Robbie. Our state is gradually reopening. I have to wear a mask every day in the hospital hallways but can pull it off when I’m in my office. And I’ve never used so much hand sanitizer in my life!

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    1. Thanks, Priscilla. I know I shouldn’t take photos while driving but I couldn’t resist that one! Thanks for the good wishes. I need all the help I can get to fix the mess I wrote during NaNoWriMo.

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