The Silver Lining from the COVID-19 Cloud

Hey everyone. Check out this thought-provoking post from Don Massenzio.

Author Don Massenzio

As I write this, I’m sitting in my office beginning the fourth day of the isolation brought about by the COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) pandemic.

I work for a company where travel every week is the norm. Last week, as I sat in a corporate office in Chicago, we listened to our travel scenario gradually degrade from ‘travel as normal’ to ‘no meetings with over 25 people’ to ‘no travel to client offices’ to stay at home and work remotely.

As Monday came along, our highly technological company struggled with overworked meeting servers and the inability to dial in. The whole working world had moved to this model and the infrastructure was not ready.

Now, four days in, my perspective on the ‘inconvenience’ of the restrictions on travel and gathering are helping me form a different perspective on what’s happening in the world.

I know many are suffering from this virus, but…

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4 thoughts on “The Silver Lining from the COVID-19 Cloud

  1. Joan, thanks for reblogging a thoughtful post along with a beautiful poem. These are tough times indeed because we aren’t used to isolation in our world. It’s good that we’re being made to slow down and take note of the needs of others. Stay safe, you and John!

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    1. Thanks, Sherrey. You and Bob as well. I’m working from home for the foreseeable future. I’m thankful for modern technology and that I’m able to do that. Today our governor ordered all restaurants and bars closed except for take-out orders, hospitals have limited visitation, gyms are closed, etc. But it’s for our own good. We’re a strong nation and we will get through this.

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  2. Thanks for passing this along, Joan. I wish everyone would read it and think about ways to focus on the positive, especially moving forward. Such a beautiful poem, too! 🙂

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    1. I wish they would too, Marcia. This situation is terrible but good can come from it. Maybe we can all sit back and take a long hard look at what’s really important.


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