Week in Review

Hey, Everyone. Happy Friday the 13th! Thirteen is a number surrounded by superstition. While I come from a long line of superstitious people, I’m not one of them. I’ll purposely do things such as walk under a ladder, open an umbrella in the house, or cross a black cat’s path.

I have a cousin who claims she isn’t superstitious but “just cautious.” Once when I visited her, I made the mistake of placing a hat on the bed. She promptly removed it, saying it was “bad luck.” Another time when she visited us, she tipped the salt shaker, spilling some on the table. Immediately she sprinkled salt in her hand and threw it over her shoulder. On the floor, mind you! Ridiculous.

However, I do enjoy hearing the stories behind the superstitions. Oh and speaking of black cats (I’ve owned several in my lifetime) I haven’t posted a photo of my Little Bit in a while. I took this one a few years back. He was less than a year old then.

Cute, isn’t he? How could anyone believe something so adorable could bring bad luck? For now, it’s time for this week’s links. Sorry the list is shorter this week, but it’s been a crazy one and I haven’t had time to read as much.

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29 thoughts on “Week in Review

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    A very quick note to let you guys know Joan Hall has a fun Week in Review post this time around, featuring some tidbits about Friday the 13th, and links to some cool blog posts, too. Check it out. Thanks, and thanks, Joan! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Little Bit is adorable. He looks like my Raven.They could be brother and sister.
    I never heard the superstition about the hat on the bed. It’s weird, I will open an umbrella in the house, walk under a ladder, cross the path of a black cat (I do that one daily, LOL), and think nothing of it.

    But I do knock on wood, and am freaky about some other things…like not going into a haunted house, doing a ghost walk, or acting on things that “tempt fate.” So I guess when it comes down to it, I am superstitious!

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    1. Little Bit and Raven could be related! The hat on the bed thing was a new one on me, but as I told someone else, you’d have to know my cousin to understand.

      I knock on wood also, but I do ghost walks. 🙂

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  3. Happy Friday the 13th. Thanks for the links.

    One time I threw the wet clothes in the dryer and turned it on. I heard a thump and wondered if my husband put tennis shoes in the wash or something. I opened the dryer door, and our black cat jumped out. He was fine, but it scared the crap out of me!

    Happy birthday!

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    1. Oh wow! I’ll bet it did scare you. As I recall, I had just taken a load from the dryer and went back to close the door. He’d found a warm place!


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