Week in Review

Hey, everyone. Happy first Friday of March. When Bob Dylan wrote The Times They Are a Changin, he spoke the truth. Changes are inevitable. Some good, others not so good.

But change is in the air. We are moving from winter into spring (for which I am happy).

When the weather permits, I enjoy sitting on my front porch. It’s quite and peaceful – a great place to relax, read, or just sit and think. But my view recently changed.

Our new neighbors cleared out the underbrush from their property line and trimmed trees. So now, I have an even better view than before. I took this photo of the sunrise early last Saturday. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to see the sun peaking over the horizon. This is a good change.

Speaking of change, are you ready for Daylight Saving Time? I don’t mind the extra light in the evenings, but it means once again I’ll be leaving the house when it’s still dark. Not only that it takes my body weeks to adjust to losing an hour.

Why can’t more states be like Arizona and refuse to participate in the change? In reality, we’re not “saving” anything. There’s still the same amount of light and darkness each day.

But enough of my ranting. Are you ready for this week’s links?

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34 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:

    Check out Joan Hall’s excellent Week in Review post! As always, she’s shared a ton of great links, and I’m so looking forward to spending some time today going through them. Be sure to pass the post along, too, so others can see if they’ve missed anything. Thanks, and thanks, as always, to Joan for doing such a super job of helping us stay up on things we may have missed. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Once again, a gorgeous photo accompanied by some splendid links! Thanks for the round-up, Joan. I’ll be sharing it various places today and on The Write Stuff tomorrow. And just for the record, I hate Daylight Savings Time! It’s just messin’ with your mind. High noon is high noon, and everything else is just semantics. For me, it would make more sense to have summer hours and winter hours, if people want to leave work before dark. That’s all that’s really happening anyway, no matter what it’s called. But I’ve given up on the idea that the silly mindgames will end, and we’ll go back to telling time as it really is and not as we wish it were. 😀 Oh, well! 🙂

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    1. That’s a great idea about summer and winter hours. But the people who want the daylight in the evenings are night owls and they’d never go for having to get up earlier for work!

      As always, thanks for sharing and reblogging!

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    2. But that’s just it, Joan. They already do! If you move the clock back an hour for the evening, it’s moved back an hour for the morning, too. So you are essentially leaving work an hour early every day, and going in an hour early the next day. It’s just a psychological trick. That’s the part I don’t like. You can’t fool me with a clock that says 11:00 when the sun is directly overhead. Nope. It’s noon. And if you leave a watch set on standard time, you realize that when you leave work at 5, it’s really only 4. Same thing in the morning. Your clock my say you’re getting up at 7, but it’s really only 6. Mind games. Gah. Who needs ’em. 😀

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        1. Basically, if you are on daylight savings time and get up at 7:00, you are really getting up at 6:00. The clock lies! 😀 You can’t trust them during DST. Afternoon or morning, it’s lying to you by an hour. Same thing when you leave work. 😀


  3. Arizona doesn’t do DST, but they do change time zones from Mountain to Pacific, which is even more confusing for me somehow. The whole thing is absurd. If you make your living based on when the sun rises and sets, why does what the clock says matter?

    I’ll stop before my rant amps up.

    Lovely view, Joan.

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  4. I love the view from your porch, Joan. It looks so peaceful and serene.

    I actually like the time change, despite giving up that hour of sleep. I’m so excited that it’s going to be lighter longer in the evenings. I am soooooo ready for warm weather and longer days!

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    1. Thanks, Mae. I don’t mind the daylight in the evening but I hate that adjustment period. Plus, when they moved it up to the second week of March, it’s too early. Kids are waiting for school buses in the dark and that’s not safe. But I’m loving the fact that winter is almost over. I hate cold weather.

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  5. Idaho has a bill circulating right now that might establish one time for the entire year. We’ll see if it goes anywhere, but it would be for next year. That is a lovely view, and thanks for the links.

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  6. I’m with you on the daylight saving, Joan. I hate when the clocks change–forward or back–because it takes my body forever to adjust, and that seems to get harder with age, lol. As you say, it just means doing everything in the dark until the evenings pull out more. And I rely on the sunlight to help wake my brain up of a morning. Putting the clocks forward just prolongs the morning darkness.

    Thanks for the links. That’s a gorgeous view! Have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Well, I kind of hate to mention age… And I’m a lot older than you! But yes, it does take longer and longer to adjust each year.

      Hope you have a wonderful (and restful) weekend.

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