Where’s My Writing Mojo? #MysteryMonday

Hey everyone. It’s time for Mystery Monday. And you know what the mystery is?

Yeah, my writing mojo is MIA. Okay, no excuses but I probably scared her away. As some of you know, I returned to work last week after being off with the flu. Getting back into the swing of things and catching up on almost two weeks’ worth of work was bad enough, but on Tuesday afternoon, our department learned we were moving to a different location in the hospital.

So, I spent the rest of the week packing, cleaning out junk, and shredding some items I’ve been intending to shred for over a year. (Make that five years for some things.) However, we only moved across the hall and I love my new digs. It’s a much better set-up than what I had.

But with all that, I didn’t get any writing done last week. Not even a new post for today. I’m blaming it on the move and coming home exhausted. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Next week I’ll have something new. In the meantime, check out this link for my first Mystery Monday post. Tomorrow I have a special guest and she’s going to talk about something similar, so be sure to come back tomorrow.

A big thanks to friend and fellow author C. S. Boyack for giving me the idea for today’s post.

25 thoughts on “Where’s My Writing Mojo? #MysteryMonday

  1. This was a clever Mystery Monday post, Joan 🙂

    My mojo and muse are making tentative appearances lately, but they’ve been missing for so long, I’m afraid to draw attention to them. Hopefully, they’ll hang around and not decide to take a hike somewhere!

    I’m glad that the flu is behind you and that you have a cool new office to start the new year!

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  2. I think your post turned out well. Some weekends are like that, mine was. My Muse keeps flirting with me, but she’s all about new ideas. I need to write out the existing ideas before I can tackle anything beyond that.

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  3. I’m sorry about your missing mojo, Joan, but I do think you can cut yourself a bit of slack, what with being sick and having to move your office, and just surviving the holiday madness, in general. But. It’s a brand new year, and I’m convinced this is going to be a great one! So, forget about what’s done. You can’t change it. Yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery, as they say. So just take care of today, and all else will fall into place. Roll on 2020, with plenty of good times, laughter, love, and opportunities! (And that’s MY story, which I’m also stickin’ to!) 😀 ❤

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  4. I know exactly how you feel. I have been in a slump too. I just can’t seem to get myself motivated. I took November off for NaNo, and December off for the holidays and have been slacking.

    Nice post, Joan.

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  5. Mine’s AWOL too. I reckon they’re all off having a party somewhere together, lol! I’m still unwell from a virus and sinus infection, so I’m focusing on getting well at the moment, and also trying to pre-schedule some posts for SE just in case my hip operaton comes up early (which I doubt, but I prefer to be prepared, lol). Glad you like the new digs, Joan 🙂

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    1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Harmony. And you know we’ve got your covered at SE when needed.

      Yeah, I suspect those Mojos are off somewhere having a wonderful time without us.

      Hope you’re feeling better soon. This hasn’t been a good winter for either of us health wise.

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        1. If you find a method that works, let me know. I’ll do likewise! I think what works best is butt in chair, fingers on keyboard. But then there’s no guarantee I won’t write garbage. 🙂

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