The Blue Moon Murders #WIPWednesday

Story ideas sometimes come in the most unusual ways and often at the strangest times. On a late July afternoon in 2015, I was driving home from work. I remembered a blue moon would occur that month.

A blue moon happens when there is more than one full moon in a calendar month. (Some definitions support the idea that a blue moon is the fourth full moon of a season.)

In case you don’t already know, I’m fascinated by full moons. My creative mind began churning. I imagined a young woman, Erin, whose next-door neighbor, Russell, was a Native American artist who specialized in making pottery.

Someone is murdered on the night of a blue moon, Russell is falsely accused, and the Erin sets about trying to prove his innocence. Throw in an attractive male to help in the quest (and in whom Erin has a romantic interest) a faithful dog, and you have the makings of a romantic suspense story.

Fast forward to the spring of 2016 when I had the opportunity to take part in an anthology of westerns. The only prerequisite was the story had to take place in the American West. I knew it was a perfect opportunity for my idea.

I thought, “What if a series of murders occurred? Each happened on the night of a blue moon.” When I began to research, I came upon a legend related to the rare lunar event.

“When one family member dies, three more will follow.”


Time running out. Blood will be spilled.

“The blood moon. He isn’t going to wait until the next blue moon.”


Erin parked near the road and turned off her headlights. Got out of the car and closed the door quietly. She walked softly toward the house and tried to stay in the shadows. The moon was now in full eclipse and looked blood red. An eerie silence surrounded her. More than once, she looked over her shoulder and wanted to run back to the car, but there was no turning back. Kate’s life was in danger.

The Blue Moon Murders is a part of the anthology Unshod published by AIW Press. Nine female authors took part in this collection and best of all it’s free! You can download a copy by clicking this link.

Oh, and beware. The next blue moon is on October 31, 2020. Halloween, a full moon, and a blue one to boot? The possibilities are endless!

24 thoughts on “The Blue Moon Murders #WIPWednesday

  1. Oh wow!! That’s something to look forward to on Halloween in 2020!! Thanks for sharing the excerpt, Joan. I too am fascinated by the moon cycles and always put my crystals out under the full moon for charging and renewing them.

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  2. Oooh, a blue moon on Halloween in 2020? That is VERY cool!

    I love moon folklore and think it’s awesome the way you wove it into your story. I enjoyed your tale and the entire Unshod collection. Nice to see it featured here today!

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  3. I am fascinated with the full moon as well. I have used it a few times in stories I have written. Now to find out that the next blue moon is Halloween 2020 the possibilities are endless.


    1. I think a fascination with the moon is a family trait. My brother once hiked through Grand Canyon by the light of a full moon. He timed his trip in order to do this.


  4. I can’t believe how excited I am to learn next Halloween is a full moon and blood moon. I will download a copy so I can read your story that caught my interest:)

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