Week In Review

Hey y’all. Time for another Week in Review. This week’s photo is one I took a few years ago.

In November 2015, my husband and I visited Vicksburg, Mississippi. We both like history, particularly that of the Civil War era. Of course, when I learned there was a “Ghost Tour,” I had to go.

I’ll not get into the details of the tour (and no, I didn’t see any ghosts) but one stop was the headquarters of Confederate General John Pemberton. However, the house next door was the one that caught my eye. While our tour guide told about Pemberton, I was busy taking photos of this old Victorian home.

It was perfect for a story I had in mind. An older women living as a virtual recluse inside her home.

Of course, like many of my ideas, the stories are a long time coming to fruition. However, Woman in Black will be part of my upcoming short story collection. You’ll hear more about this one and others in the months and weeks to come.

In the meantime, here are this week’s writing links:

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22 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. That house really catches your eye…and your imagination. Glad it prompted a story for you. I took a haunted house tour in New Orleans and some grim stories went along with the places we visited. Hope your collection’s coming together.

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    1. Most of the stories behind ghost sightings have some intriguing tales. I like to learn about the legends and folklore behind them. I’m sure New Orleans is filled with such tales. Thanks for visiting, Judi!


  2. That house speaks to me! You wouldn’t catch me on a ghost tour, but I would love seeing homes like this. It has story fodder written all over it. I can see why you were inspired by it. Great photo!

    Wishing you an awesome Friday and weekend, Joan!

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    1. I could have missed a ghost because I was entranced by the house! I’ve been on a few ghost walks but have yet to see anything. I love hearing the stories behind them. I’ll be writing about some of these thing in upcoming Mystery Monday posts.

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      1. I went on our local ghost tour eager to hear all the locsl stories. I did enjoy it until the guide started a hard sell on his book…Your short story idea sounds exciting!

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