The Dare #WIPWednesday

Hey y’all. It’s time for another WIP Wednesday and this time I’m sharing from a work in progress.

I mentioned in the intro post for WIP Wednesday that I’m working on a book of short stories. I had several in my archives. Some are incomplete, others finished, but all in dire need of editing and revision. The Dare is one that I posted years ago when I did a First Friday Fiction Feature on my blog.

I haven’t completed the final draft but wanted to share a snippet from the newly revised story.

Rhodes Cemetery was on the outskirts of town. Megan had to admit it was a creepy place—even by the light of day. Part of the reason was due to its state of disrepair. The old wrought-iron fencing was rusted and had fallen in some places.

Gnarled roots of oak trees twisted among the headstones. Some of them were now cracked and had tumbled over. Unkempt branches touched the ground, creating a canopy of green in the summer. Now, with the branches bare against the rays of the setting sun, the place looked even more desolate.

Megan walked half a block when she came to the abandoned house. She imagined it was a beautiful home during its day, but years of neglect had taken a toll. A colony of bats had taken up residence in the crumbling brick chimney, leaving the structure each night to forage before returning at dawn. Several of the window panes were broken, others missing, and part of the roof was devoid of shingles. The front door stood open as if beckoning people inside.

She quickened her pace.

When a black cat scampered across the road, she had to stifle a scream.

Good thing I’m not superstitious.

Then a strange figure appeared.

Would you want to walk near an old cemetery and abandoned house near dusk? And close to Halloween? My character, Megan, did so on a dare.

What happened? Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until the book is released, hopefully early next year. I hope you enjoyed this passage.

Next week, I’ll share another playlist from one of my Driscoll Lake novels.

16 thoughts on “The Dare #WIPWednesday

  1. Definitely fits the creepy mode. I have been to a cemetery or two at night in my younger days. Not sure if I would do that now, but–

    There is so much you can learn from a cemetery, especially the older ones.

    When I was very young, we had a house on our street that was older and in need of repair. We always considered that to be inhabited by a witch and haunted. Imagine our surprise when my best friend’s parents bought that house.

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  2. Sure. We had a lot of old ghost towns and even mines in Northern Nevada. Poking through the old buildings was always fun. Stay out of the mines themselves, because the danger there isn’t imagined. The BLM has managed to gate the mines now, and that’s not a bad thing.

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  3. Very creepy excerpt, Joan. I love exploring old cemeteries during daylight hours, but no way would you catch me in one at night! And I’m with Priscilla about abounded houses–they’re even worse!

    Looking forward to The Dare and your collection of stories. Happy writing!

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  4. Great excerpt, Joan. Sounds suitably spooky. In my younger days, I would have gone on that dare but I’m not sure I would now (can’t run so fast!). Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to that book of short stories 🙂

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    1. I can’t run either. I think I would pick the cemetery over the house. As my cousin once said, “I’m not afraid of who’s below the ground in a cemetery, only who might be above it.”

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