Week in Review

Hey, y’all. Wow! Another week gone, September is right around the corner, and soon summer will be a memory.

I had a hard time deciding what photo to share this week. Since the digital age, I have thousands in my archives. (I took over 900 during our Alaskan cruise several years ago.) But after looking through several, I chose this one.

Picker’s Pavillion at Blackberry Square

You might wonder what’s so special about it. It’s no secret the small town of Driscoll Lake is loosely based on the place where I grew up (and still live). My home town was once a small farming community complete with three canning factories.

During the growing season, whistles would blow to notify workers new produce had arrived and they needed to report for work. You could hear the sound from several miles away. The chief crop was blackberries, although many farmers also grew peas, watermelons, and sweet potatoes.

At one time, the Missouri Pacific Railroad ran through town, but the trains have been gone from here a long time.

This building is what remains of one of the canning factories. It sat vacant for probably three decades before the city decided to refurbish it. It’s now used for various events, including the high school prom and a weekly farmer’s market.

One of the other canneries has been restored to include restaurants and shops. Sadly, the third one was torn down for a more modern building. When I took this photo, I was standing where the train tracks once ran.

Sound familiar? If not, check out my book Unknown Reasons and learn of my character Brian’s plans for an old abandoned factory in Driscoll Lake. And for those of you who read Wednesday’s post about my playlist for the book, the song I referenced was Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

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17 thoughts on “Week in Review

      1. I’m pretty sure my next series will be set in a small town in New Mexico. It will require more research on my part. (Writing about Texas is easier.) Eventually, I’d like to set at least one book in New England, a place I’ve never visited. Sounds like a good excuse for a vacation there. 🙂

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  1. I like how you used the background from the town in which you grew up in your novel, Joan. I remember Brian having all those plans for the factory.
    It sounds like the town where you live is one I would love. Great photo!

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  2. Gorgeous photo! I love when old buildings are given a new lease on life.
    We had a train that ran up and down the island, but it retired some years ago and now there’s a movement to bring it back. I hope it goes through, though the cost of repairing the tracks is crazy!

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  3. “Blackberry Square” sounds so quaint! I love learning more and more of the history behind your books. I come from a similar small town that’s lost its industry, so I can relate to this.

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  4. I’m glad the hung on to two out of the three canneries. It’s nice to enjoy our history while embracing modern conveniences.

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    1. I agree, Denise. So many places have been torn down for the sake of modernizing. (Our county courthouse for one, but I won’t get started on how we have the ugliest courthouse in the state, LOL.) But I do like our modern conveniences. Thanks for stopping by today.


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