Best Laid Plans #ThursdayThoughts

Hey y’all. It’s time for this week’s Thursday Thoughts.

Like many of today’s writers, I also hold a full-time job. I leave the house around 6:30 each weekday morning and get home around 4:30 unless I have errands to run.

My husband works on Saturdays, and I try to use that day as my primary time to write. I had big plans this past weekend. I woke up early, grabbed a quick shower, saw the hubs off to work, and sat down at my writing desk. I was productive during the first part of the morning and finished the first draft of a short story.

By that time, I was ready for breakfast, so I stopped long enough to eat, then took my laptop and settled on the sofa for what I hoped would be an equally productive writing schedule. However…

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” John Steinbeck

Mid-morning, I got a text from a friend who asked if I could help someone with an urgent matter. I readily agreed and contacted the person. Several emails and a few hours later, I was able to solve her problem by early afternoon.

In the meantime, I lost my momentum for writing. I was able to brainstorm on a few short stories. Writing in the evening was out. My husband and I had plans to go out to dinner with a group from our church who meet each month. I always enjoy these events but when we arrived at the restaurant, I kept thinking how I’d rather be home writing.

Then, a friend came up to me and said, “I love your new book. Both Nathan and I are reading it. He lets me have it a little while each day.” She has been an encouragement to me and is instrumental in spreading the word about my writing.

Another couple attended. The man is a retired police detective who answered some questions I had about investigations and has offered his assistance with future books.

Next, another woman, after we played the game “truth or lie” said to me, “I thought you might say, ‘I’m Joan, and I’m a published author.’”

Someone else inquired about my book sales. Another friend and her husband attended. She has encouraged me to consider speaking engagements to help promote my books.

Yes, I lost writing time on Saturday, but what I gained was far greater. I was able to help someone with a problem attain a satisfying solution. I learned to appreciate even more the support and encouragement of friends. I met new people and enjoyed the time of fellowship.

I’ll have other opportunities to write. I may not have those times with friends who care for and support my efforts.

Seals and Crofts once recorded a song titled, “We May Never Pass This Way Again.” I’ll leave you with the video.

33 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans #ThursdayThoughts

  1. Joan, as you can tell from the date, I’m doing some catch-up reading. This post was filled with goodness from your helping someone through and including your evening with friends who all seemed supportive of your writing life. AND I’ve noticed in your most recent writings how your writing has grown and changed. Kudos to you for keeping at it.

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    1. Thank you, Sherrey. I have to confess when I look back at my first book, I cringe! All writers should try to improve and I hope my upcoming book will be even better than the last.


  2. Or as Robert Burns said in his poem “To a Mouse” (and even longer ago) “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” I’m guessing “gang” is go/going and “a-gley” is apparently Scottish for “get all kinds of screwed up.” 😀 But mouse or (wo)man, it’s a pretty good idea to learn to roll with the punches and to relax and enjoy what comes your way. Sounds like you did just that, and you are so right to treasure every opportunity to be with family and friends. I’m glad your day turned out better, though differently, than you’d planned. Thanks for reminding us to look at interruptions in a positive way, to live in the moment, and to cherish the time spent with loved ones. 🙂 ❤

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    1. We had a wonderful time, Marcia and not just because several commented on my writing. yes, Steinbeck adapted his quote from Burns. Sometimes we do have to roll with the punches, although I’ve sometimes done it kicking and screaming all the way.

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      1. Kicking and screaming is sometimes a big help, for sure. I can raise a ruckus with the best of ’em. 😀 But the older I get, the more I realize it’s usually pointless, and rolling is the better choice. 😀 ❤ I like that you went, and that you let yourself enjoy your special people. ❤

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  3. Sometimes the support is more important and needed. Sounds like a wonderful evening that will carry you through a lot of writing!

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  4. It’s easy to find excuses to stay home and write; like the cartoon that does the rounds on Facebook of the girl dancing round the room with joy, clutching her phone – someone has cancelled an outing and she can stay at home! Of course, once we are out meeting friends we enjoy ourselves – even if they haven’t read our books!

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  5. I love that song. It reminds me of breakfast before school when I was young. And the message is a lovely one.

    You’re so right about connections being more important than work. Work will always be there; opportunities for fellowship might not be. And you really got a lot of validation and suggestions in that one dinner. That’s pretty special.

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  6. Great post, Joan. You are right, things don’t always turn out as we plan. But, it seems they turn out the way they are supposed to be. We tend to get wrapped up in the things we do, and then we get that subtle reminder, there is something else out there for us.

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  7. What an awesome day, Joan. Sometimes things don’t turn out as we planned–they turn out even better. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time with friends. Isn’t it great how so many support you, just as you supported your friend in need that morning?
    Happy Thursday.

    BTW, I love Seals and Croft!

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    1. It was a good day. And I am extremely grateful for all those friends who support me and my work. Happy Thursday to you too!

      I lost loves Seals and Croft. This song was the theme of one of my high school proms. I thought it was appropriate for this post.

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