Book Review ~ The Scout by D L Cross

Hey, Readers. Hope you are enjoying the summer. So far, it’s been a relaxing one for me. I’ve endeavoured to do more reading and have made a little progress with my Goodreads challenge.  I recently came across the above quote by author Stephen King and it hit close to home. (My TBR list is still painfully long, but that’s another story.)

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. It’s as simple as that.” Stephen King

Today I’d like to share my review of a brand-new release by D L Cross. (You probably know her better as Staci Troilo.) This short, easy to read book is a prequel to The Gate, part of the Astral Conspiracy Series.

Here’s the blurb and my five-star review of The Scout.


The aliens have landed. The humans are panicking. The scouts have been sent.

J’s mission is clear — find an alien outpost, observe, report back. Simple enough. It’s what he’s trained to do. But he’s always worked with his team, never as a party of one. Now he’s been sent out alone to blindly navigate a dense, dark forest until he finds his target. The dynamics are foreign to him, the stakes never higher. He’s completely isolated. Resources are scarce. Comms are down.

And he’s found the enemy.

It’s imperative he’s not caught, but clandestine spying doesn’t yield enough intel. J needs an ally, someone on the inside of the camp who can feed him information. And he finds one. But he gets more than he bargained for with Aria.

Their relationship grows complicated. Her people get defensive. His superior becomes suspicious. He doesn’t know who to trust. His loyalty’s divided, and pressure’s mounting from all sides.

J is shocked when everyone’s true allegiances are revealed. And the consequences of betrayal will be deadly.

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My Review:

Okay, you often hear the words, “I couldn’t put it down,” when it comes to a page-turning book. But in this case, I couldn’t stop reading and finished it in one sitting. Yes, it is short, but the story kept my interest from page one to the end. D. L. Cross has created a powerful story with her Astral Series, and I highly recommend you read “The Gate.” However, this book could easily stand alone.

I’ve never been a great fan of science fiction, but this author has caused me to change my mind. She weaves in suspense and intrigue that gives her stories more depth than your typical sci-fi and leaves readers wanting more.

I eagerly await the next book of this series.

40 thoughts on “Book Review ~ The Scout by D L Cross

  1. Fabulous review, Joan. When an author can pull you outside of your normal reading genre, you know she’s written a highly appealing tale.
    I loved The Scout, and am really enjoying the Astral Conspiracy series. Can’t wait for the next one. Congrats to Staci/D.L. Cross!

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